Thursday 25 October 2012

The Connection Between Music And Damaged Walls

I had a million things to do this week and my stupid back went out.  I don't have a back problem.  This is just something that happened twice in two months.  Really, I DON'T HAVE A BACK PROBLEM!

Sooo, I'm lying on the couch looking around at the room I planned on redecorating and feeling really peeved! By day two, I'm feeling like I can tackle some small jobs and wander into the kitchen.  I know, I'll take down that old, giant microwave shelf and replace it with a cute vintage one I painted.  Simple, right?  Wrong!

Whaaa! ~

Who puts a few pieces of Masonite around the edges and leaves the rest blank?  And how about the lovely crack?  Looks like there are a few layers of wallpaper to deal with, too. ~

I'm not ready to replace the counter and backsplash.  That's a nice way of saying I can't afford it right now.  So, whatever I do (and I certainly can't leave it like this!) has to be a cheap, temp fix.  Some plaster and paint are going to be in order.  Since I'm painting the walls, I might as well do the cupboards at the same time.

Haul the cupboard doors outside and scrub them down with TSP. ~

Get ready to prime them and have the weather turn to rain for two days.  Push back the furniture in the living room (the room I planned on decorating) and roll up the carpets.  Now, I hate prep work so I decide to entertain myself with a DVD set from the 1985 Live Aid concert that I borrowed from my friend Wendy.

The day just flew by!  I saw old friends perform and artists that just felt like friends because their music was such a big part of our lives.

This guy was a groomsman at a friends wedding.  For this concert he does a riveting performance of All You Need Is Love.

You know I'm breaking every copyright law in the world by showing these pics. The lawsuits are going to be crippling! 

A highschool friend of mine is the producer for U2.  When they first came to my studio, they weren't very well known.  This was during the Unforgettable Fire days. ~

This is for those of you who keep asking for music stories.  Right after the release of Joshua Tree, U2 did a concert in Toronto.  My husband and I had All Show passes, which meant we could enter any Joshua Tree concert worldwide, for free, and had full backstage entry.  It worked fine in NYC.  The Toronto concert was outdoors and it was absolutely freezing.  We had no problem entering and going to the VIP section (which really means where the press people are).  A CPI security guy ran up, in a big flap, and demanded we give him the passes. NOT!  Then, he starts begging us to give them up and come with him.  He says the band has their own security, there are tons of forgeries of the passes and they are throwing out anyone who has one.  His boss has told him to find us and get us safely away.  You see, his boss is another old friend from high school.  I look over and see the producer's girlfriend being literally tossed over the fence, while she's screaming that someone is going to pay for this.

I'll probably get tossed somewhere for showing the U2 security guys in the yellow shirts. ~

Off we go, as hostages, to the security trailer where the mean, yellow shirt Irish guys are all yelling and carrying on.  That gets my Irish up!  I'm wearing cowboy boots to be cool, my feet are frozen and I can't  feel my toes.  I start yelling back (I didn't used to be as sweet and mellow as I am now), "I'm supposed to be meeting friends backstage but you'll be doing me a bloody favour if you throw me out!  What kind of Irish idiots plan an outdoor concert, in Canada, in October!".  The biggest, meanest one looks at me and says, "She can stay.". I replied, "Well, I'll be staying in this warm trailer with you guys."  And I did!  There, you have your story.

I should add that the guys in this band are all great people.  The Edge is one of the smartest, most thoughtful men in the biz.  That same year, he and his wife Aislinn sent me this confusing gift for Christmas. ~

Yup, it's a squeaky, rubber Ronald Reagan head! (ignore the dust, I'm sanding walls)

Now, I have to leave memory lane and get back to fixing that wall!  

Thanks to everyone who has passed on the button in support of Malala!


  1. Omg- that's insane I love U2, my first album was Rattle & Hum!

    This post has totally blown me away! I almost forgot about your crappy shelf issue, why are people so lazy! Why aren't you bragging about your connections all the time. And as a side note, I'm Irish too well half Mum is Irish.

  2. Well I for one am happy you decided to let the cat out of the bag and go public with your awesome stories lol ( because I just may have " slipped " in the near future! )
    Fascinating Maureen - what a life you had ( have - because ripping microwaves off walls is a life too, right? )

  3. Awesome story - I love U2!!

    Doesn't stuff like the microwave shelf issue drive you nuts?? I decided to take down the HUGE wall mirror above the double sink vanity in our master bath. I wanted to replace it with two prettier, decorative mirrors. One above each sink. When I removed the big mirror, there was this gaping hole in the wall. I guess when the house was built, somehow they knocked a giant hole in the wall and figured they'd just cover it up with that big mirror. Ugghh!

    So glad you stopped by my blog. Thank you for your kind comment!

    Have a great day.

  4. WOW...when you said you were cleaning out your kitchen, you weren't kidding! Who takes down their cabinets to clean??? You go girl!

  5. I'm so glad you "don't have a back problem". Why are you moving microwaves the day after you "don't have a back problem"??!! Can't wait to see what you do with that kitchen. Thanks for the rock'n roll flashback! Love seeing the Boomtown Rats with my morning coffee! Always love Elvis Costello and who doesn't love U2? Growing up in Chicago, there was always a great concert every weekend. I didn't have the awesome access you did though! How fun was that?!

  6. It's like dejavou here. Happened to me so many times that I lost count. Im glad you dont have a back problem but if its recurring, I think its good to get it checked.
    And oh, Ive had those border/corner eeky granites too. I really have no idea why people do this. One more thing- paint the entire home in 10 different colors. WHy the eff? Cant you just do one single colors? Baffles me.
    Listening to u2 right now- electrical storm! Great story, great dope.

  7. You had me chuckling at 3 am...I woke my hubs up and then we watched Frazier. You are so funny

  8. Painting coffee tables has led me to believe that painting tables may lead to back problems. You are painting kitchen cabinets? That is a massive undertaking in itself. Be careful with the back. xo, olive

  9. write your memoirs, publish them and pay someone to do all that kitchen work! fascinating.

  10. I am totally confused,how do you know all of these musicians? What business were you in? OK, now that we have that out of the way...Take care of your "Not back problem". Sorry about the big hole??? What's that? Oh and sorry you're sister was no help with painting...Darn there she was reading my blog LOL!


  11. I didn't know about all this music stuff either Maureen, I guess because I haven't been here since the beginning. When you mentioned a studio before, I was thinking of an artists studio. Now I'm confused, haven't you had an interior shop as well. Maybe I've not been paying enough attention - I sincerely apologise, but WOWEE what an exciting life you have led !!

  12. It's about time Maureen!! I've heard so many of your stories from you and am glad you are finally going public with your interesting anecdotes from the music biz. Keep it up girlfriend..enquiring minds want to know! xo wendy

  13. Hi Maureen,

    I love U2, too! Who doesn't? Your backstage 'secrets' are sacred for us die hard fans! Re: your back, hope you are 'back' in shape and if not, that someones's 'got your back',and ready to deal with Sandy's fury. Heard she's making an appearance in your neck of the woods tomorrow. Stay safe!


  14. I totally forgot about the cupboards, loved the rest of the story.

  15. Okay- Well, here I am - back to blogging! I am so glad to find you here with your wonderful story. I like the spitfire in you-a force to be reckoned with. I love the music stories and your down-to-earth processing of that life.

    Great job on the doors-what the heck were you thinking starting those with a bad back? You are worse than me- not.

    Take good care- I hope you are safe from the storm. Blessings- xo Diana

  16. Great U2 story!! And you're doing a fine job on the cupboards.