Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Storm Has Passed!

It's been a crazy few days around here!  There I was with the kitchen all torn apart to redecorate and primed cabinet doors drying all over the living room, when my brother in law decides to use the warm, sunny weather to convert my garden shed into a chicken coop.  The plan was to bring their three chickens over here to vacation with Gert and Maude for the winter.

We've been worried about keeping them warm enough in a cold Canadian winter in these flimsy coops we bought. ~

He and my sister knew I was busy with the kitchen and were doing most of the work themselves.  Of course, I had to help empty the shed and strew my stuff all over the yard.  ~

It was all taking a little longer than expected.  A window was installed, a leak in the wall was repaired and an area was fenced off for a bit of storage.  A girl has to have somewhere to keep her off season tires and chain saw! ~

By Sunday, we realized Sandy was really going to hit here and we were nowhere near ready to move the girls into their new coop.  A quick phone conference and we decide to brave the rain and cold and finish the job.  With only two breaks to wrap our frozen hands around mugs of hot coffee, we sawed and drilled to make perches and nesting boxes.  The raccoon repelling dog cage was dismantled and moved over to the shed.  The back wall was cut to make an entry from the cage to the shed door and the whole thing was bolted in place.

Then, we had a chicken rodeo to gather all the girls up.  Gert was easy because she basically just jumps up into my arms.  Maude got loose and made quite the run for it.  You'd have died laughing at three soaking wet and frozen idiots chasing that chicken around and around the yard.  I was not finding her all that amusing!  On to my sister's house and start the round up all over again!

Cool new digs! ~

Gert doesn't like the visitors and she's not coming off that nesting shelf that I put her on! ~

That box is the infamous microwave shelf that started the whole kitchen fiasco!

Evening is coming and I still had to get all the stuff we pulled out of the shed stowed away somewhere and the patio furniture secured.  

Oh, and all this stuff has to come off the porch! Yikes. ~

The very last thing to do was snip these last rose blooms so Sandy doesn't get them.  I'm not giving them up! ~

The storm arrived and the ladies were snug as a bug in their new home.  This village sits in a hollow and the wind wasn't too extreme but there was the strangest roaring sound overhead for the night.  I guess the wind was higher up.

The only fallout I have to deal with is this downed tree on my rental property. ~

Well, that and a very bad head cold!