Wednesday 5 September 2012

Wallowing In Tomatoes!

For days and days I've been picking, washing, cooking, freezing and canning tomatoes!  I'm determined not to waste a single one.  But, sometimes you can get too much of a good thing!  Even my chickens are turning their noses up at them.

The crop is almost over and my industry brought the ripe ones down to this. ~

Hurray!  Now I can do my fall decorating!

Off to my sister's I go for dinner and I come home with... wait for it... a bucket of tomatoes! ~

As frightening a my garden abundance seemed, she was in danger of having them take over her house! Buckets and bowls of the things filled every nook and cranny of her kitchen and she hadn't even picked the ones that ripened today.  Now, she is resorting to forcing them on anyone who crosses her door!

Soooo, I set in to make tomato paste.  Nothing in a can comes close to the homemade version!

I put the concoction on to simmer. ~

Ten minutes of simmering and it's transferred to cookie sheets and popped in the oven.  Two hours later, I have this gourmet treat! ~

This time last year, I was wailing to you about the same tomato issue!  For the full recipe on how to make your own tomato paste click here.  This stuff really is delicious and worth a little effort!

Have a day where your only complaint is that you have too much!

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  1. Does having too much housework to do count?? I do wish I had tomatoes this year! Do you ever sun dry them?

  2. Oh yum! I have made tons of tomato sauce-gravy but never tomato paste. I'm going to see how you make it :)


  3. hope you saved a few for a bacon/lettuce/tomato sandwich.nothing says summer more than a homegrown, lucky you.

  4. Cool post! Enjoyed the photos.

    Do you do fried green tomatoes where you are? That's the end of summer, pre-frost treat around here.

    You hear plenty of jokes about zucchini taking over, but not so much about tomatoes. Maybe because no one makes zucchini paste.

  5. If I lived close by I would be taking some of those off your hands. When I was a kid and it was tomato season I would eat so many I would get canker sores in my mouth from the acid....Lord, there is nothing better than vine ripe tomatoes!! Good for you for not wasting them!!


  6. I have never tried making my own paste...but I am going to now. Thanks- xo Diana

  7. What a great problem to have! When we lived in Oklahoma I had lots of tomatoes and peppers and always canned them into salsa. Which of course worked great for pasta sauce and chili through the winter months. Living in Texas I can't grow tomatoes at all. I ate every tomato my family gave me fresh this summer. Sometimes several each day. I've never heard of making your own tomato paste, very cool!

  8. Oh you have chickens, sooo jealous, I'm not allowed to get any (my track record with goldfish horrifies my husband, I'm banned from any breathing thing, except kids apparently!) We have just started our planting, last year we had so many tomatoes we couldn't give them away! At least I have an idea now :)

  9. Wow, beautiful! I never thought of making my own tomato paste. Right now I have eight zillion jalapenos sitting on my counter. A great year for peppers!

  10. Those look soooo delicious! I've always wanted to can tomatoes but every year I miss it. We're at the tail end of Jersey tomatoes and will soon be back to the tasteless supermarket tomatoes yuk!

  11. Okay, so I am jealous...yep, jealous. I have two tomatoes that are hanging out in my pathetic little not red. BUT... next year that will be me, overloaded with tomatoes. I may just have to get you here to help me pick them all!!!