Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wallowing In Tomatoes!

For days and days I've been picking, washing, cooking, freezing and canning tomatoes!  I'm determined not to waste a single one.  But, sometimes you can get too much of a good thing!  Even my chickens are turning their noses up at them.

The crop is almost over and my industry brought the ripe ones down to this. ~

Hurray!  Now I can do my fall decorating!

Off to my sister's I go for dinner and I come home with... wait for it... a bucket of tomatoes! ~

As frightening a my garden abundance seemed, she was in danger of having them take over her house! Buckets and bowls of the things filled every nook and cranny of her kitchen and she hadn't even picked the ones that ripened today.  Now, she is resorting to forcing them on anyone who crosses her door!

Soooo, I set in to make tomato paste.  Nothing in a can comes close to the homemade version!

I put the concoction on to simmer. ~

Ten minutes of simmering and it's transferred to cookie sheets and popped in the oven.  Two hours later, I have this gourmet treat! ~

This time last year, I was wailing to you about the same tomato issue!  For the full recipe on how to make your own tomato paste click here.  This stuff really is delicious and worth a little effort!

Have a day where your only complaint is that you have too much!

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