Friday, 14 September 2012

An Elmo Red Face

Tomorrow is Baby's second birthday.  Since the celebration theme is Elmo, I wanted to try my hand at working the little guy into Rice Krispie squares.  I took this notion while I was standing in the grocery store and realized I wasn't sure what colours his features were.  No problem!  There's a woman in the aisle that looks young enough to have small children. I told her I was wanting to make some Elmo balls and could she tell me what colours I should use.  She seemed rather surprised and I thought this was a good opportunity for her to connect with people instead of grabbing her groceries and getting out of there.  Young people are always in such a rush!

She pulled out her I Phone and showed me a picture.  I graciously thanked her for all her help and she passed on by.  Arm stretched to reach for the food colouring, I froze.  I told her I was making Elmo balls! Elmo BALLS!  No wonder the poor woman looked startled!

Now my face is as red as Elmo's! ~

Please let me never bump into that woman in the store again!  Please let me think before I blurt something out to a complete stranger, ever again!

Anyway, I did figure out how to make these things.  I added red food colour to the butter/marshmallow melt.  It took almost half the little food colour bottle to get the stuff to go from pink to red.

I feel very sorry for the parents who will have their kids bouncing off the walls from all that red dye! ~

It was surprisingly difficult to shape the BALLS.  The best way to do it is to dunk your hands in warm water and smooth the mixture into a BALL shape. ~

I used the can of icing that comes with decorating nozzles to make rosettes in white and added brown Skittles for the eyes.  Orange Skittles made the nose. ~

All you need to remember is to have warm water on your hands for shaping, use lots of red dye and call them Elmo HEADS, not BALLS!