Monday, 24 September 2012

You Get Out Of It What You Put Into It

I don't always agree with that statement.  So many times we put much more into something than we ever get back.  Who hasn't poured themselves into a personal relationship and found nothing coming in return?  Or, given generously of their time and talent to a job and been passed by at promotion time or terminated when the balance sheet wasn't in their favour.  Even churches will turn on a minister or parishioner that has given years of service.

But there is something about houses that seems to respond to our love and care.  Houses are like loyal pets. You care for the land and work on the home and it shows it's appreciation with shelter and beauty and joy.

I build a dock and the river rewards me with an endless view of peace and harmony. ~

Just beyond this log lives a beaver.  I like to swim alone at dusk and just float along on the peaceful current.  One night I realized something was in the water with me and tried not to freak out.  As he came closer, I realized it was the beaver.  He turned his head my way and glided past on his way to his fishing grounds.  It has become a nightly ritual for the two of us to nod in passing.  I sometimes feel he's as happy to see me as I am to see him.  The water is too cold for swimming now and I was never able, as hard as I tried, to get a picture to show you.  Maybe next summer I'll get a waterproof camera and you can meet my aquatic friend.

This home has plenty of land to house cats and dogs and even a couple of rescued chickens.  ~

If I will build the coop and nurse the chickens back to health, they'll reward me with these every day. ~

The gardens give an abundance of vegetables and fruit and enough beauty in flowers to soothe any soul. ~

I love to work on this place, inside and out, because it gives me so much in return!  As this pitcher says, "Earth laughs in flowers" and I'm happy when I gather that laughter and bring it inside to glory in.

This home needs some urgent care and I'm setting in to give it the attention it deserves.  I'll be donning paint clothes and picking up hammers. I'll certainly be hiring roofers!  Two hundred year old houses are guaranteed to spring endless surprises on you when you work on them.  I'll get tired and cranky.  But, I will never get discouraged because, when it comes to this home, I always,

   "Get out of it what I put into it"!

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