Wednesday 8 February 2012

Repeating My PEACE Mantra!!!

I'm having a stressful week!  I'm trying to collect money from someone who can well afford to pay and simply won't.  I don't like collecting money at the best of times.  It's not genteel to ask for money!  I prefer to unobtrusively slip a bill in the back of a design and hope they notice it and cut me a check.  I prefer to have a conversation about the weather with my tenant and hope this is one of the months she feels inclined to pay her rent, in full, sometime within a thirty day period.  This system of collection doesn't work very well and the tenant has decided to take advantage of my delicate sensibilities and stopped paying for her rent and utilities altogether!

Dealing with the legalities of the situation is seriously disturbing my commitment to my word, PEACE!  This is taking more than the one little plaque I painted and hung in my bedroom.  I'll need something on the main floor to reinforce PEACE in my mind.

Joy @ A Vintage Green has a darling set of children's alphabet blocks on a cabinet in her kitchen and uses the blocks to spell out words that matter to her family.  If you click on the name of her blog, you'll see the display right in her banner.

I picked these up at Value Village for $3.99 ~

A little rummaging and I have my word! ~

Those primary colours aren't going to work for me, so I grab my craft paints and turn them black.  The raised letters are simple to highlight in white.  As soon as I walk in my front door, I see these on the high shelf in the dining room.  Sigh.  Ommmmmm - PEACE - ommmmm - PEACE.  I'm in the zone! ~

On a lighter note, my friend Wendy at Her-Ballistic Garden has a fantastic give away of this ~

These pillows are genius!  The heart detaches and you add another embellishment!  They are held on with velcro!  ~

No problem with pillow storage and you can make your own adornments or stick with the five she is including with the pillow.  To see all five click Here.  You don't have to jump through any hoops for this one, just become a member of her blog.

Have a day where you take a deep breath and hum PEACE!


  1. Peace is a challenge for sure. But it looks like you have not lost sight of it and good for you. Hope this works itself out quickly for you.

  2. Thanks for the Giveaway plug Maureen! They also have to "comment" on the posting. About your peace...remember - everything happens for a reason. Deep, cleansing breathes! xo

  3. I totally agree with you Maureen in the best of times it is hard to ask for payment, but for someone to take advantage in these times is horible. I'm sorry you are stressed, but love your PEACE blocks!!! And now I am heading over to check out the giveaway, thanks for the lead!!

  4. Hey I have become an expert in eviction processes, comes with the job, or if all else fails there's always 'Towanda'. Miss ya!

  5. I am on the other side of the conversation but equally stresed. I had to leave my home on a one week's notice, Paid everything but didnt get the contract, hunting the real estate guy for the NOC. You know its a major pain to stay on rent as well. Specially when you end up paying 1 and a half months brokerage. Stalk your tenant and take the money. These people take us for granted.

  6. Ah, if only it were that easy. Here, you have to give 15 days notice. When that is up, you file papers and wait for them to send her info on her rights and make an appeal. Then, you wait for a hearing. She gets 3-4 months free rent and utilities. I'm really gonna need those blocks! Sorry about you getting ripped off though!

  7. Sorry you have had a bad week Maureen - asking for money is REALLY hard I know. It just puts you in such an uncomfortable position, emotionally and financially - I'm glad your lovely 'peace' sign helps, and those cushions are soooo cute, what a clever idea.

  8. Good Luck! We had to evict a tenant a few years ago and we ended up suing him. We actually won and collected (by garnishing his wages). Sometimes the system actually works! Lovely blocks. Peace! XO Cindy

  9. I hope things work out for the cannot be easy being a landlord!

  10. I could never understand how people can take advantage of situations such as this! Quite honestly, it anger me. I hope this works out for you. I love your colored block btw sooo cute love the idea!