Wednesday 15 February 2012

NYC Celebrities & Fallen Heroes

Let's check in on Katie and Baby and see how the Brooklyn adventure is going.

It wouldn't be right to miss out on the chance to see the famed Central Park Zoo.  A quick stop for a bite of lunch from Waffles And Dinges ~

For a child that was never allowed to eat anything that wasn't organic and carefully researched by Mom, Baby seems to be hitting the junk food places pretty hard in this city.

Although the penguins were her absolute favourites, this polar bear had Baby laughing and squealing so hard she was breaking everyone up around her. ~

I vote this dude for "coolest haircut in the zoo"!  He votes Baby for "funkiest hat"! ~

Baby was having a great time playing with another little girl and the goats. ~

At this point Katie realizes Baby is hanging out with celebrities!  In the back you can see Samantha Bee and Jason Jones of The Daily Show.  Baby doesn't care about that but their daughter was sure fun! ~

This week, Baby also toured a Brooklyn firehouse.  Katie has had a thing for firefighters since grade four and one came to talk to her class.  She raved about the handsome fireman for weeks and begged us to drop in for a visit whenever we drove by the station.  

Now, Baby doesn't seem all that interested but Katie is having a great time as this sweet fellah obligingly poses for a pic. ~

Katie learned that her front door was painted red in tribute to the 78 Brooklyn firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11. ~

This station house has a permanent memorial to it's fallen heroes. ~

The firehall visit inspired Katie to record a song she wrote ten years ago when her closest cousin was killed, titled, "Do You Still Hear Me?"

I'm sharing this with the great readers at:


We pray they all still hear us when we sing!


  1. Having worked in emergency services for many years, you've hit a soft spot with this posting Maureen. My heart goes out to all the people and emergency service personnel involved in that horrific day. Beautiful posting! xo wendy

  2. Beautiful song, beautiful voice!

  3. Beautiful post. Filled with love. Don't you love the opportunity to see the world through those new little eyes. Everything is exciting and amazing - the goats, the penguins, the bears, the fire trucks. And that laughter is the most wonderful sound in the world! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I do love seeing the world through fresh eyes! Baby is very outgoing and always babbling at or waving to strangers so even standoffish people wind up interacting with her. I hope she can keep some of that openess in her life.

  4. Lynn @ February 2012 at 11:50

    I love Matthew's song. Thanks for putting it in and thanks to Katie for writting it. I am so glad they are having the time of their lives in NYC.

  5. What fun to spend that time with your dear sweet granddaughter. Making wonderful memories, I'm sure.
    Thanks for stopping by, Mary Alice

  6. What a beautiful post Maureen. Baby sure is enjoying! I dont know why but for some strange reason, I miss my mom.