Monday, 13 February 2012

For The Love Of Antique Lawn Ornaments

I adore antique lawn ornaments!  Faux Bois benches and tables, cast iron urns and moss covered Grecian statues make my heart go pitty pat. I just cannot afford them.  No matter, I'll fake it.

The first thing you have to do is race off to the dollar store, where they are bringing out their summer lines.  You want to get there before all the good stuff is gone!  Hahahahha.  I'm breaking myself up here.

Grab yourself a couple of these resin bunnies. ~ 

The detail is pretty good on these.  It's just the paint finish that screams, "Look at me.  I'm from some Dollaplooza or Wally World store!"

The price is certainly right.  Sorry to show his little butt like this. ~

I'm using craft paint because it dries really fast and I'm in a hurry in case spring comes early this year.  I dob them up with splotches of white, dark grey and light grey.  ~

Then, I give them a good coat of white and gob it on pretty thick in some areas so it looks like they've been repainted many times.  ~

If I wanted them to look like painted cement, I would water some dark grey paint down to the consistency of water and drizzle it in the bare spots.  That would simulate paint wearing off and the base showing through.

I want mine to look like painted terra cotta with green slimy stuff growing on it.  I took some forest green paint, watered it down and dumped it over the bunnies.  It naturally found its way into all the spots where moss would grow.  ~

Of course, when I move them outdoors, you will see them more like this. ~

Please don't notice anything stuck in the cracks of the floor.  People who live in houses with 200 year old wide plank floors always have stuff stuck in them.

I think these bunnies would be sweet spray painted in pastel colours for Easter decorating!  For outdoors, mine will have to be sprayed with exterior Varathane.

I'll wait until the weather warms and do that outside.  Trust me, you don't want to see what a 200 year old, dirt floor basement looks like!

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