Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Puppies & Cars & Gross Stuff

Yesterday was certainly interesting.  I got a call, in the morning, asking if I could help a friend take her puppy to the vet for his shots.  Her husband had twisted his knee and couldn't go.  I adore this puppy and any excuse to get out of housework is fine with me!  We intended to bring the puppy back home and head off for some shopping.  Of course, I dressed up for the shopping part.

This is adorable Blarney.   ~


He was a little less adorable fifteen minutes into the ride when he decided to empty his bladder into my purse, my shoes and all over the back seat.  I was in the back seat with him!  While I'm mopping that mess up with wads of paper towel, Blarney is whining and drooling profusely.  My friend Wendy is apologizing and offering to pull over.  After another fifteen minutes, the drool has turned into a veritable waterfall and no amount of paper towel is saving my coat from turning into a gobby mess.  We have all the windows open and my hair is  looking like that scene from Bridgit Jones's Diary where she loses her headscarf, while riding in a convertible.

Blarney is now terrified and shaking like a leaf.  He starts passing gas and it smelled so bad we thought he had actually pooped on the seat.  

We're getting so close to the clinic that I urge Wendy to keep driving.  We can make it!  Blarney gives a pathetic, long moan and buries his head in my boobs.  And then it happened.  He threw up a whole bowl of kibble into my bra.  He threw up in the cracks of the seats.  He threw up in the seat belt holder thingys.   

By the time we took him into the office, this pedigree dog looked like some mangy mongrel we had found on the side of the road and I looked like I should be pushing a shopping cart around with all my worldly belongings in it.  I'm thinking I didn't smell all that nice, too.  Wendy is apologizing profusely and I am thinking, "Lord help us; we have to make the trip back!". 

I think this completely makes up for Wendy looking after my old cat and stepping in a big pool of diarrhea beside the litter box.  Don't you?

I still will give Blarney kisses and Wendy is still my good friend and blogging buddy.  You can read all about Blarney's adventures on her blog Here.  But, the next time Blarney can ride with his daddy!


Hope you have a little less eventful day!