Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Where Have All The People Gone?

That's what a lot of blog writers will be saying tomorrow as they lose Google Friend Connect and, with it, their roll of members.  This is heartbreaking for them because they have worked hard, and shared so much, to build their readership.  If you realize you haven't seen a post from any of your favourites in a few days, check to make sure they haven't lost the ability to show up on your Google Reader.  We're all sticking together on this one and we all thank you for hanging in there!

You may have noticed that I now have three ways of following It's All Connected.  The RSS feed delivers posts directly to your email and I don't know who you are.  I'm not affected by the changes in Google Friend Connect as I'm with Blogger and that is owned by (guess who?) Google.  I've added Linky Friends Connect in support of my friends who are affected by the changes.  It is simple to use and your ID is not shared with any other persons or companies.  There is another way of following that involves joining circles and a whole bunch of hoopla that I do not subscribe to.  I know I wouldn't go to all that trouble to follow someone so I'm sure not going to put you through it!  I'm delighted to have you follow whatever way you like the best.

I do have one teeny problem the changes have created.  I like to send a welcome message to each new member.  In the beginning, I had so few I could really have baked a batch of welcome cookies and driven it to their house!  With multiple means of joining, my little brain fried and I lost track of who had been welcomed and who had not.

Soooo - this is ONE BIG WELCOME to everyone who is new and ONE BIG THANK YOU to all my loyal friends!!!  You have given me a wonderful opportunity to connect with people on every continent and dozens of countries.  I've been able to laugh and cry with you.  I learn from you everyday and carry your comments in my heart through every day.

Instead of showing up at your door with the cookies, I hope these vintage images convey my appreciation.  They are from a vintage baking pamphlet that is over 75 years old and you are welcome to use the images any way you please.  I've done them in JPEG in the original colour and black and white for Citrasolv transfers.  I've even inverted one for Citrasolv or ModPodg transferring.  Right click on the image to send it to your desktop.


"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive."
~ Anais Nin