Sunday 18 September 2011

Please Don't Leave Me Summer!

With September half over, I'm joining my fellow Canadians in trying to squeeze every last minute of warmth and sunshine out of summer!  I start to panic if I'm indoors for any length of time.  Before long it will be coats, boots and gloves.  Errrrr!

The last two days have been a special treat of activities held out of doors!  Client shopping on Ottawa Street in Hamilton coincided with the Sew Hungry event.  Ten of the tastiest local, gourmet food trucks pulled up curbside to serve lunch to enthusiastic crowds.

I wanted to try the gourmet grilled cheese but the line up was a block long all day! ~ 

Capalansky's was a big hit! ~

Who can resist fresh baked cupcakes when they drive up to you? ~

Here's what ruined any chance of me losing weight this week!  Absolutely delicious soft ice cream made with real cream!  When you see Kool Jim's soft ice-cream at fairs and festivals, run to it! ~ 

I love this trend of mobile gourmet food.  It has become a huge hit all over North America!

Yesterday was a very special outdoor event.  My youngest granddaughter had her 1st Birthday with a pony party at her Auntie's farm!

She has no time for picture taking with Mom and Auntie.  There's a pony here!

We spied this elfin creature peeking out from the pines.  She looks a lot like another granddaughter of mine! ~

I'm off to soak up some sun with a good book and a tea on the chaise lounge.  I just may stay there until November!

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