Wednesday 21 September 2011

Beginnings And Endings

I admit to being a compulsive reader.  I'll read as many as five books at once.  On the go will be a fun novel, a history book, a philosophy book, classic literature and the latest, greatest contemporary writer.  Always, in the mix, is something in the self help category. If it's out there, in that genre, I've read it!  Quiz me if you like. From Dale Carnegie to Eckhart Tolle, Og Mandino to Sarah Ban Breathnach, I have devoured their work.  They all have different means of getting there but the message is always the same.
"Endings lead to something else.  Endings are the past.  The future never comes;  it's always the future.  How you see yourself today and how you connect with the present is all that really matters.  The answer to a happy and successful life lies within you and is not controlled by any outside force.  If you see each day as a new beginning, the past won't hurt you and the future will take care of itself."
My second addiction is biographies/autobiographies.  Again, I read them all from Diefenbaker, Churchill, Ghandi and Thatcher to Della Reese, Goldi Hawn and Keith Richards.  I want to know how they became the people they are/were.  Okay, so I also want to live their adventures from the comfort of my easy chair!  Still, I learn great life lessons from them.  One of my favourite quotes is from Lucille Ball.  She says, "Love yourself first and everything else falls into place."

I don't have a hard time giving up material things or bad relationships, but I do have a tough time giving up ideas!  That a person could love themselves first and not be selfish had never occurred to me.  But, a self loving person won't hurt their loved ones by destructive behaviours.  Martin Luther King had to love himself enough to stand firm for his human rights.  The Wright brothers had to love themselves enough to rise above failure and keep working on flying.  When you love yourself, you don't need to belittle or control others to make yourself feel important and, if children learn to love themselves through our example, loving yourself is the most unselfish act you can perform!

On this day of the year, when summer ends and fall begins, I accept the present as a wonderful thing!  I accept that I have everything I need, within myself, to make the future exactly what I want it to be!

This old postcard has sat on my desk for many years.  When I look at it, I see adventure!

I congratulate my sister on her new beginning as she opens her Etsy shop 2 be cherished.  Taking her passion for knitting and hand crafts into cyberspace can be a little intimidating.  We all know she is an amazing knitter and her gifts of adult and children's sweaters are highly sought after.  She, however, had to love herself enough to say this was what she wanted to do and she would take the time necessary to make it happen!

Her idea of heaven is the Mary Maxim tent sale ~ 

Here are some angels (otherwise known as my granddaughters) modelling for her shop ~

Here's to new beginnings and have yourself the most marvelously, unselfish, self loving day ever!!!

Note: owl and nest from The Graphics Fairy

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  1. Well said Maureen! And way to go to Lynne...I've already perused her Etsy shop and it's sweet!