Wednesday 21 September 2011

If Not Today, Then When?

It's a good question to ask ourselves no matter what stage of life or circumstances we find ourselves in.  It will never be exactly the right time to change jobs, start a family, move to a new home, fall in love, adopt a pet, write a book or redecorate the living room.  Every good thing starts with someone taking a chance and going for it!

Sooooo - with great trepidation  with great confidence I say this is my time to step back from all the busyness of life and follow my heart.  The children are grown, the grand kids are doing fine and my sister and I have decided to cut back on the projects we undertake as interior designers.

I have endless plans waiting in the wings for me to slow down and focus on all the other things I love.  Decorators (at least this one) sometimes neglect their own homes and my 200 year old, pioneer built baby has been patiently waiting for me to pay her some attention. A tale of a tornado, a massive toppled tree and an unscrupulous tree removal guy left the 1/2 acre property in need of an extreme makeover.  Ty Pennington where are you?

I know it will be tough for a single woman to bring it back to the relaxing haven it once was, but I love this little house, the village that surrounds it and the Grand River that runs along the back of my yard.

I'll show you the best and the worst of it for I'll need a little help and a lot of advice. Along the way, I'll share the "tricks of the trade"  from the world of decorators.  I love to talk home decor!

Today is the day I say, "Not when; now"!


  1. ...with that kind of "can-do" attitude, you're bound to be successful...slowing down the speed of life is so very rewarding!! CONGRATS to you!

  2. Thanks Deborah! I'll take all the encouragement I can get!