Friday 16 September 2011

Thirty Years Of Sisterhood

I'm going to tell the story of tonight in pictures.  I'm too overwhelmed to try to share the Take Back The Night walk with you in words.  This is the largest turnout for the Hamilton walk to end violence against women and the thirtieth anniversary of the walk.

Hundreds of women and children joined together to make a joyous, loud and committed demand for their right to walk the streets of their city without fear of sexual assault or battery.

Mothers and daughters and friends joined in ~ 

Singer Queen Cee entertained us. She is the founder of the Be-You-Tiful Girls Club which strives to give girls of all ethnicities and economic backgrounds self esteem and empowerment skills.  The girls did a flash mob, electric slide dance routine.

The sistahs danced ~

More sistahs danced ~

And more sistahs danced ~ 

Puppets danced ~

Then we marched!  We marched down Main Street!  We marched up King Street!  We marched all over the downtown!

Our Canine friends marched ~ 

The puppets marched ~

 We marched for for blocks and blocks and we chanted and whistled and shouted.

We ended the silence ~ 

Drivers honked their horns in support.  Men stood on the sidewalks holding placards of support.  Men raised their fists, not in anger, but in solidarity.  We had hope that we will, someday, not need this walk.

Until then, I do this for my daughters, my granddaughters and all my sisters!

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  1. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I hope this walk will become a thing of the past. Hurray to everyone there!!!