Friday, 19 April 2013

Cat Security 101

I'm not talking about you keeping your cats secure.  I'm talking about my cat inventing a security system for her stuff!

Deb from Just Cats Home Care explained why cats often leave their toys by the door.  I'm not going to tell you why.  You have to click on the name of her site and find out for yourself.  If you are a cat owner, you really need to follow Deb because she is a professional cat sitter and shares tons of information to keep your buddies happy and healthy.

My Maeve has an entirely different reason for keeping her stash by the front door. ~

One day, when my brother and his wife were visiting, I see Maeve making trips to the front door with toys in her mouth.  They, of course, don't see a thing going on.  Eventually, curiosity was killing me and I had to go see what she was doing.

She'd made a little pile of toys under the door stopper that my daughters always called the boingy thing. ~

I'm pondering this and pretending to pay attention to the conversation, as any good hostess should.  Just as they are exiting the door, it strikes me.  It's a boingy thing!  I halt my guests at the door and make that thing boing.  Like a shot, Maeve tears down the stairs and heads straight for those toys!  She has invented a toy alarm!

Who's been touching my pipe cleaner, fuzzy ball and fake mice! ~

Now I have to get everything back in the safe! ~

It's a regular thing now and I can show you if you pop over here.  I have lots of witnesses to Maeve's ingenuity.  It works especially well if you look very untrustworthy.  Why, just last weekend my friend Liz had the look of a diabolical cat toy thief.  Maeve took no chances and I can produce Liz for a witness along with at least two of my siblings, my neighbour and anyone under the age of thirteen who enters the house. Potential thieves all!

Don't tell me there's nothing going on in this girl's head! ~

Yeah, I know her head is dusty.  She flips on her back and pulls herself under the china cabinet with her paws.  The space is too small for the big cats to get in and it's fun to stick a paw out and swipe at the thieving guests when they walk by.  It's also like having a Robo Vac.  I find it much easier to dust off the cat's head than clean under the china cabinet!

I wonder what else is going on in that head?