Thursday, 4 April 2013

It Never Goes Out Of Style

Though I'm curing myself of my magazine hoarding affliction, I cannot give up back issues of Victoria magazine.  Today, I flipped through some April  issues and it struck me that I had to look at the date on the spine to have any idea what year the issue was published.

The 2003 issue had a painted cabinet, with wire mesh doors, that looks straight out of a Pinterest 2013 board. ~

Let's go back a little further to April 2001 and we find black and white toile fabric, a picture grouping of  vintage florals, postcards in an apothecary jar and a Wardian greenhouse.  The chair and the campaign table are painted black.  Oh, and check out the lovely hardwood floor!

This room would be very 2013 chic. ~

But, what about way, way back in April 1994?  Oh my, a chippy, old white door, a galvanized metal watering can and flowers and herbs in old bottles and jars! ~

No matter how far I go back, the simple, vintage look retains it's charm.

I took a wee peak at the Victoria models.  If I had invested in quality clothing, would the styles be classic or dated?

This cocktail dress from 2003 would still work.  Chandelier earrings would be nice, but I think the candelabra ring is a bit over the top. ~

And how about this hairdo, linen dress and vest?  A natural fibre like linen will last forever, properly cared for.  Would you ever guess this is April, 1994?  The big trick would be still fitting into it! ~

Fashion comes and goes, but simple, natural, honest design is timeless.

I'm never giving up those magazines!