Monday 22 April 2013

Has Spring Finally Arrived?

It must be here, at long, long last.  I have these sweet posies popping up. ~

How can something so tiny be so tough?  Neither hail, nor sleet nor snow stops the crocus from arriving exactly when it is supposed to appear.

Even raking up winter's mess didn't seem so bad with a little warmth and sunshine. I was pretty sure I had all those leaves cleared in the fall, so someone is sending me theirs!  I know I have the hottest wheelbarrow in the village because, when I say that to my male neighbours, they smile and nod. I'm sure they don't comment back because they're eaten up with jealousy.  But, I have decided that wheelbarrow and pick up truck beds should come with one big scratch on them, so you don't feel bad about chucking stuff in there! ~

I've only been able to get the frozen Christmas decor out of the urn in the last week.  After nearly fainting in shock at seeing birch limbs selling for $9 each at the nursery, I decided to leave mine in and plant around them. ~

 A bag of soil and some pretty pansy faces and I have a woodland garden! ~

 As soon as the weather gets a little more cooperative, I'll add some ivy and taller plants to fill it out.

Here's where I need your help.  I've been letting the urn get a rust patina, but it doesn't stand out very well.  Do I give it a coat of distressed white or leave it as it is?  I'm completely undecided and it's so much easier to leave the decision up to you! ~

Not that I'll be painting outside in the next few days.  The view of golden sunset on the forest across the river ~

 quickly turned to this. ~

Will that white stuff never stop falling from the sky?

Yes, it will!  The chives say it will. ~

and the crocus agrees! ~

We officially declare it spring!


  1. Nice to see spring has arrived for you guys!
    The about making it mossy...lots of moss making recipes on pinterest.

  2. Wow your place is just so beautiful. Umm I'll leave it to better DIYers than me to comment on the paint distress question. I love your woodland garden.

  3. I would leave that patina on it Maureen!!!
    The colorful flowers will make it stand out -
    Please tell me that's not snow falling

  4. Your pansies are so pretty in the pots with the birch limbs. Love them!! I always marvel at the first signs of spring as well...those sweet dainty crocuses, just lovely. I'm a fan of the natural patina. So I say keep the rusty look.
    Mary Alice

  5. I love your rustic urn and think you should leave it that way. The pansies look so cute in with the birch sticks. Our snow is all gone here now but it's still very cool with a raw wind every day. Thankfully May arrives next week and the weather should improve greatly. I love the little church and cemetery across the way from your house. It's very picturesque. Enjoy the day. Pamela P.S. I was away and missed your post on the cat. I loved it! :)

  6. Spring is sure a tease this year...and nobody likes a tease! Glad you are out and about doing spring-like things! I like the planter as it is...I think the birch branches and flowers show up better with the dark base.

  7. Ain't nothing sprung around here!


  8. We still have NO green here...although I did see some robins in the yard. I am so tired of this weather and we have more snow coming this week-UGH xo Diana

  9. Hi Maureen ~ Glad you're finally getting alittle bit of blooms ~ the crocus are so beautiful..... Here, the grass is greening up & the buds of the trees are visible now, so I know it is just a few more weeks.
    I love that old urn, it looks so pretty the way you planted & when you can add some ivy it will be perfect. I would not paint the urn, but I did see (maybe it was on pinterest, can't really remember where) They Oiled an old urn, it also had rust, it just brightened it up.... I wish I had more info, I just remember seeing it made a world of difference.... I have the windows open for now, but we are in for some big rain storms later in the day, so enjoying it while I can~ have a great week,

  10. Oh Maureen, I love your crocuses. They don't grow in AZ and I miss them!

  11. I declare right along with you. Lurve the birch branches and your pansies -- and those tough's to warmth and more sunshine.

  12. I like the rustic look and patina of your urn. Leaving the natural patina always saves me some work. ;)
    Farmhouse hugs,

  13. I like rust. You can grease it up with car wax or furniture wax and that may give it a little protection. Can you believe I ripped all my pansies out yesterday and put in begonias and sweet potato vines? My pansies have been going all winter {and are leggy} because we don't have extreme winters. You do have a sexy wheel barrow and everyone has cause to be jealous:}

  14. Oh look at your gorgeous crocus! I say leave the urn to rust away! My brother lives in Minnesota, where they are still having snow this week too! Geez, crazy weather and we still have nice weather here in Orlando, usually by now it is hot as @#$%!


  15. love the pictures Maureen, I love sunsets, I like the dark urn, let it rust.

  16. The crocus and the chives should know better than we do. So hopefully they're right about spring coming. Bits and pieces of spring have been here, but we had flurries on the weekend too. Danni's right! Spring is such a tease this year! I have lately fallen into a love affair with all things rusty, so I say leave the urn as it is. It's gorgeous!

  17. I can't get over that snow! Wow. The purple in the crocus is so pretty!!! :D That would make me happy, too. Your pansies are pretty, but did you know that we grow pansies all winter, and now it's time to pull them up here in the South! I'm going to the nursery later to finish my containers for spring and summer.

    Thanks so much for linking-up!


  18. Whoa, your birch branches and pansies are wooonderful. I don't know about the urn either, i liked the idea of mossiness, or oiling it to bring it out. It's pretty well spring here in North Carolina, and so so beautiful. You'll be getting there really soon, the crocus are announcing it!


  19. Yes, it is finally here.... but I just hope that snow and hail is not part of our new spring. We had sun on the weekend along with some hail. Beautiful images Maureen. We have some shoots sprouting up too...I love it.

  20. Spring has definitely been slow in getting here this year. I was laughing when I saw your wheelbarrow because mine looks exactly like that. And also laughed at your frozen urns as mine are still frozen in spots too - I was lucky enough to get some birch branches from a friend who was cutting down a big tree. They are neatly tucked away in the garage for next year. But I love your idea of using them in the summer too! They look really pretty with the pansies below.
    Hopefully it will be a warmer weekend and things will really start to pop.

  21. Hi Maureen,

    Your pics of spring springing into gear brought back sweet childhood memories of various gardens we had growing up. I like the rain; it's so cozy and everything smells so amazingly fresh and sweet after! Re: the rustic planter, I would also leave it the way it is. It's got great texture and its earthiness complements the pretty flowers that will inhabit it over the seasons!


    PS: That yellow wheelbarrow is wicked! ;)