Monday, 22 April 2013

Has Spring Finally Arrived?

It must be here, at long, long last.  I have these sweet posies popping up. ~

How can something so tiny be so tough?  Neither hail, nor sleet nor snow stops the crocus from arriving exactly when it is supposed to appear.

Even raking up winter's mess didn't seem so bad with a little warmth and sunshine. I was pretty sure I had all those leaves cleared in the fall, so someone is sending me theirs!  I know I have the hottest wheelbarrow in the village because, when I say that to my male neighbours, they smile and nod. I'm sure they don't comment back because they're eaten up with jealousy.  But, I have decided that wheelbarrow and pick up truck beds should come with one big scratch on them, so you don't feel bad about chucking stuff in there! ~

I've only been able to get the frozen Christmas decor out of the urn in the last week.  After nearly fainting in shock at seeing birch limbs selling for $9 each at the nursery, I decided to leave mine in and plant around them. ~

 A bag of soil and some pretty pansy faces and I have a woodland garden! ~

 As soon as the weather gets a little more cooperative, I'll add some ivy and taller plants to fill it out.

Here's where I need your help.  I've been letting the urn get a rust patina, but it doesn't stand out very well.  Do I give it a coat of distressed white or leave it as it is?  I'm completely undecided and it's so much easier to leave the decision up to you! ~

Not that I'll be painting outside in the next few days.  The view of golden sunset on the forest across the river ~

 quickly turned to this. ~

Will that white stuff never stop falling from the sky?

Yes, it will!  The chives say it will. ~

and the crocus agrees! ~

We officially declare it spring!