Friday 12 April 2013

Walking On Sunshine

Wayyyy back in 1983 Katrina & The Waves were singing about, "Walking on sunshine" and saying, "Don't it feel good!".  (Got that song stuck in your head yet?)  They'd have been singing a different tune in Ontario, Canada in 2013!

This last bout of snow, rain, wind and hail had me thinking I couldn't stand one more day of winter. I want to garden!  I want to wear sandals and paint furniture outside!  I want to stop paying heating bills!  I can't take any more!

Just when I hit my lowest ebb, I noticed the Forsythia branches I'd put in the tall vase were, at long last, blooming! ~

It inspired me to take the big rose bowl and nestle a potted Gerbera Daisy in a bed of  moss. ~


Add the packet of peas that I wish I was outside planting ~

and a bird guarding her nest of eggs. ~

Could I have found a nicer stick to use for a branch?  No.  It's a very special stick.  You see, it's the last one my little dog snuck into the house.  I found it after she passed away and, you know what, a stick didn't bother me in the house any more!  It sits on the bookshelves and reminds me of all the hours I spent throwing them for the dog that never tired of chasing one.

The spring onions I potted have started to sprout and they go up on the sideboard. ~

Maeve, the sentry cat, draws me to the front door.  Nothing moves on this property without her knowing about it.  There's a parcel on the porch and what is inside?

It's the artwork I won from A Daily Cup Of Mrs. Olsen!  Do pop over and pay her a visit.  She's a lovely lady and has a great, weekly Link Up party. ~

How could you know I would need it today Jann? ~

I'll focus on her promise of sun ~

and the lyrics she added from another song. ~

At least in this part of the family room I can 'walk on sunshine' and get a little bit closer to feeling fine. ~

Thanks, Jann.  I'm having a daily cup, surrounded by loveliness.

And..."Don't it feel good"!


  1. Oh I really hope you guys get spring soon! I've decided I'm no longer jealous of the snow. Your spring display looks shiny and happy, perfect for spring dreaming.

    1. Oh and I will have that song in my head all night, well played :)

  2. Well at least it got the song that was in my head from American Idol out.


  3. Love your spring vignette and that picture from Jann is perfect! Sending you a big hug and hoping the sun starts shining soon. Oh and yes, lots of songs in my head now :)


  4. Oh I actually like that song...well, sort of. :) But, oh girl you have inspired me to run out to my forsythia bush and cut off some branches. I also have some tulips bulbs in the basement that I should perhaps force. Great idea....bring on spring all on your own. Perfect!

  5. man this made my day!! such a happy post!

  6. Sweet bloggie you have girlfriend. Love that that you have BLOOMS!


  7. Hi Maureen, Why does it seem like winter has lasted an eternity? The weather is weird. Two days ago it was 93 degrees, today it is 58, rainy and gloomy. Love your sweet vignette with that great win, finding that stick seems like gift from your sweet furry friend. Walking on Sunshine is rattling around in my head, maybe the earth will hear it and give us some sun.

  8. Yes, that song is definitely bashing around in my head now, lol. I love this spring display - let's hope it inspires mother nature to get off her duff and send mr. winter to the curb.

  9. The forsythia means you got spring lovey. We have thunderstorms, knocked my hummingbirds nest out of the tree and that was just terrible.

  10. Okay so now the song is stuck in my head. I am so over winter its not funny. I love the bit of spring you set up, every bit helps right about now. Have a great weekend.

  11. Oh, I'm going to go outside tomorrow and cut some forsythia branches to bloom inside. What a fabulous idea!! I could use some of their yellow loveliness. Hopefully they didn't get damaged by the ice. Love that Sheryl Crow song, and don't mind having it stuck in my head one bit. That's a lovely sign.

  12. I really love visiting Jann- she is such a neat lady. What a great win you have there! Love it...Hate that that song will be running thru my head until I fall asleep now. Do you know it snowed here all day and is supposed to do the same thing tomorrow? xo Diana

  13. Maureen, the canvas looks right at home there in your sweet vignette! Love both songs and I don't ever mind walking on sunshine! Been lovely here lately. Trying to send a little of it your way. The pretty yellow of the Forsythia certainly means Spring is around the corner.

  14. I love your spring still life, beautiful! and i love that you kept the stick. sending you some sun
    big hug dear friend

  15. Oh, Maureen, you have created your own special spring right inside your home. I have never forced forsythia. I need to plant another one - I lost mine to drought. I love its cheerfulness!

  16. Maureen I sure do wish you some real sun and spring soon. In the meantime, I love that you created a little for yourself. Between you and Suzan, I'll never be at loss for a song stuck in my head! I love that art piece! What a lovely thing to win and such perfect timing. (I felt the same way when I got a little package I won from you before Christmas....the timing was perfect and it lifted my spirits!) I'm off to visit Mrs. Olsen now and see what other lovelies she has created!

  17. LOL Danni - wow Maureen - you sure are lucky with " wins " love that sign -
    but love the stick you kept and they story behind it
    Now - you can " let the sunshine in - face it with a grin - "

  18. The winter that won't go away!! How sweet to have an inside garden, even if you can't be out. And your puppies stick...How bitter sweet!


  19. Hi Maureen, Your Spring decor is lovely! It has been so hot in Florida and the air conditioner is working hard to keep it cool. Congrats on your win...the sign is wonderful.

  20. Maureen I am stuck at JFK and am reading your daughter's wonderful book. Do you link it on your page? I sobbed when her childhood dog died, and I have laughed over her growing poppies. So delightful. Please tell me she has a publisher (or at least has made a mint on this delightful e-book). I may get to finish it in one sitting! Brava.

  21. Maureen, such a very enjoyable Spring arrangement and congratulations on winning that beautiful sign. Jann is so talented and such a sweet lady. That should bring some happiness your way. I brought peach limbs in the house last year to force and that was fun. Forgot to do that this year. We have also had crazy weather, so don't know if we will have peaches this year. Was down to freezing last night and in the high 80's today. Another cold front coming next week. Hope it brings rain.
    Blessing and wishing you warm, sunshine soon.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures