Friday, 12 April 2013

Walking On Sunshine

Wayyyy back in 1983 Katrina & The Waves were singing about, "Walking on sunshine" and saying, "Don't it feel good!".  (Got that song stuck in your head yet?)  They'd have been singing a different tune in Ontario, Canada in 2013!

This last bout of snow, rain, wind and hail had me thinking I couldn't stand one more day of winter. I want to garden!  I want to wear sandals and paint furniture outside!  I want to stop paying heating bills!  I can't take any more!

Just when I hit my lowest ebb, I noticed the Forsythia branches I'd put in the tall vase were, at long last, blooming! ~

It inspired me to take the big rose bowl and nestle a potted Gerbera Daisy in a bed of  moss. ~


Add the packet of peas that I wish I was outside planting ~

and a bird guarding her nest of eggs. ~

Could I have found a nicer stick to use for a branch?  No.  It's a very special stick.  You see, it's the last one my little dog snuck into the house.  I found it after she passed away and, you know what, a stick didn't bother me in the house any more!  It sits on the bookshelves and reminds me of all the hours I spent throwing them for the dog that never tired of chasing one.

The spring onions I potted have started to sprout and they go up on the sideboard. ~

Maeve, the sentry cat, draws me to the front door.  Nothing moves on this property without her knowing about it.  There's a parcel on the porch and what is inside?

It's the artwork I won from A Daily Cup Of Mrs. Olsen!  Do pop over and pay her a visit.  She's a lovely lady and has a great, weekly Link Up party. ~

How could you know I would need it today Jann? ~

I'll focus on her promise of sun ~

and the lyrics she added from another song. ~

At least in this part of the family room I can 'walk on sunshine' and get a little bit closer to feeling fine. ~

Thanks, Jann.  I'm having a daily cup, surrounded by loveliness.

And..."Don't it feel good"!