Friday, 3 August 2012

Vintage Egg Carton Find!

It was worth sweltering at a flea market today to find this wonderful, vintage egg carton! ~

Anyone else remember these?  I sure do! ~

I'm not sure if this is the first commercial egg carton, but the Canadian patent date is 1937 - 1939.  They were still using them in the 50's. ~

They were ingeniously designed so that you could split the carton in half if you only wanted 1/2 dozen!  The instructions say to lay the carton face down, against the side of a table, and press. ~

What could possibly beat the twin egg safety carton?  

Buying this little bit of childhood nostalgia is the best thing I've done with $3 in a long while?

I can't wait to show it to Gert and Maude tomorrow!

PS:  I just did a little research and found the egg carton was invented in Canada by a British Columbian newspaper editor, Joseph Coyle, in response to a dispute between a farmer and hotel owner over responsibility for broken eggs.  They were handmade until 1919, when he invented a machine to make them. This design was in use until the 1950's, when H. G. Bennett, of the UK, invented the package we are familiar with today.  The things I learn from blogging!