Monday, 6 August 2012

Lightning Strikes And Chippy Paint

As diverse as a lightning strike and old paint my seem, you know I believe All Things Are Connected! Sorry, I just couldn't resist that.  te he he

Here's the connection.  Farm Girl is at the point in the summer holidays, when she'd like a little help with amusing the kids.  ~

She didn't have to go to the extreme of being hit by lightning!  She was standing, under cover on her front porch, watching a storm roll in.  Lightning hit the neighbours driveway, travelled across her paddock and into her aluminum siding.  Farm Girl was leaning against the siding.  Now, that's making a connection!  

She said it felt like a red, hot knife travelled up through her body and was excruciatingly painful.  She's fine, but had some mighty sore muscles the next day. What are the odds of your teenage son standing in the back porch filming the same lightning bolt that hits his mom on the front porch?  Uh huh.  That's what happened.  She has a very interesting souvenir of a pretty rare experience!

Okay, I'm coming to help with the kids!

While I was there, I took tons of photos of chippy paint, rusty metal and cracking plaster.  You know, the stuff we love in Blogland.

They are all trapped inside my camera and refuse to be downloaded by any means!

Surely, Farm Girl wouldn't go to the extreme of tampering with my camera to get me to go back.  Or, would she?  Hmmm - six kids and a month into vacation.

I do have a couple of great shots to show you.  They are everything that is wonderful about farm resourcefulness, thrift and honest wear! ~

This is Canada and one thing we have a lot of is hockey sticks!  I love the tape on the sticks, the worn wood, peeling paint on the tin, cement patches and stone.

Next time honey, just call and ask for some help.  Seriously, just call.  It's way easier on your mom's nerves!