Monday 20 August 2012

It's Never What I Planned!

I had major blog plans this weekend.  I'd do a couple of cute projects and whip up some tomatoes into  preserves.  Then, I'd photograph it all and amaze you!

My plans didn't work out.  I know you are thinking, "Wow, big surprise! Her plans NEVER work out.".

Ah, but it wound up being so much better.  I got to find stuff for the artistic director for a film!  You see, my son-in-law is the artistic director and he lives in Toronto.  On short notice, he had to stage three full sets. My daughter was at work and Baby had a reaction to a drug and couldn't go to daycare.  Daddy has to mind her. The film is being shot about a mile from my home and my daughter called and asked if I could help SIL find a few things in my area.  He needed crappy stuff for a young guy's apartment.  I'M THE QUEEN OF FINDING CRAPPY STUFF!

Within an hour, I'm sending SIL pics like this. ~

Then, he calls and needs ten stools for a bar scene and a lacrosse stick. ~

Child's play for me!  I haven't even broken a sweat and I have it all.  I've raided a neighbour's man pit in his garage, my brother and SIL's thrift store and two of my neighbour's kitchen islands for stools.  Get this, I haven't even left this tiny village!   

I have the greatest neighbours in the world!  They'd never bat an eye if you asked them to loan you their car, their lawn mower or their first born male.  Well, a least they were fine with loaning the first born male's lacrosse stick.

I have this job done in two hours but I can't get into painting or canning while text messages are coming in for things like dartboards and braided sweet grass.  Seemed like I could take it easy this weekend.  That is, until my sister pulled out her hosta bed and showed up with a wheel barrow load for me!

Blackberry in hand, I started digging and made a cute, little garden where it was too shady for anything but a few shrubs to grow. ~

Of course, I need to outline this garden with rocks!

The rock in the next pic is one I brought home in my car several years ago.  Two guys had to load it in but I managed to get it out and move it about thirty feet.  A couple of years ago, I moved it about twenty feet. This weekend, I moved it a couple of feet and pulled all the muscles in my back!  Is that rock gaining weight or am I getting old?

This is the offending brute! ~

The sets are done, the garden is planted and baby is back to dancing! ~

As soon as I can stand up straight, I'll amaze you with something I paint and can.  Unless my plans don't work out!


  1. You are amazing! And that eagle antler is about as perfect as it gets. Enjoy your garden, in its many forms.

  2. Amazing....hope your back gets better soon!

  3. you are a lady of many talents, one of them is making me laugh out loud :-). thanks so much for this lovely post, makes this cold morning feel a lot more cheerful!
    hugs to you dear Maureen

  4. What a weekend!! Sorry to hear about your back - hope you bounce back quickly.

  5. What is the name of the movie? I want to be able to appreciate your skills on the big screen.

    1. The film won't have anything more than a working title at this point and probably won't be released for a year. It sure was fun hunting the stuff down for him!

  6. Well, What I REALLY want to know is what the heck you did with all the spare time you had! lol You have been one busy gal. You are worse than me at hauling rocks home-I am usually only pick the ones I can load myself though- Have a great night- xo Diana

  7. Glad baby is dancing again! And I would love to run around buying things for a movie. THat antler is hysterical!

  8. yes...painting...hahahaha! I have some bad back advise for you! luv, your good neighbour! lol! xo wendy

  9. It sounds like that the weekend turned out even BETTER than what was planned. Can't wait to hear about the movie.

  10. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Okay seriously...I am the crappy stuff supplier too, only not to an art director. And I love that antler eagle.
    Get up on your feet and do the thing you do.

    Love to read you maureen :)

  11. Sounds like an interesting weekend, go with the flow girl. If anyone can find it, its you. Take care of yourself, we need to get together for coffee.

  12. Well I have no idea how I missed this post...but I did! You are one resourceful woman! I am crackin up over that eagle! There's a lot to be said for great neighbors. Love your new hosta garden. I lost all of mine when I lost my shade trees to the ice storm a few years back. The rock has definitely gained weight! The dancing baby...awesome!

  13. Maureen ... You are one amazing woman that can 'get-er-done'. Take care of your back; you have too much to do and can't let that stop you.

    Loved your successful hunt ... must have been fun. Love the Eagle.

    Audrey Z
    Timeless Treasures

  14. Heck! You don't need to paint OR can! I am amazed!

    What fun!

    I like that you just embrace life and what's happening and go with it!

    I would totally have lent you some tacky furniture...ha!

  15. Look at Maureen
    The get it done Queen
    The busiest lady
    That I've ever seen
    You're amazing - but you must have had a blast!!!