Thursday, 9 August 2012

Country Girl Lampshade

I bought a floor lamp at auction for $2.  Then, I found out a new lampshade would cost me $30.  I also overbought burlap garland at Christmas time.  Putting these two issues together made me come up with this. ~

Here's the original shade.  Warning: Not a pretty sight! ~

I grabbed a roll of burlap and started pinning it to the old shade. ~

I liked the look of the nubby weave when the light was turned on. ~

Now, I guess they don't expect you to do this with it and they make no effort to make the burlap an even width.  There were gaps in the middle and I hauled out a strip of drop cloth, frayed the edges and pinned it on. ~

I had some hand carved, wooden buttons and added them to the middle strip.  Glueing it all on seemed like way too much work so I grabbed a needle and thread and tacked it all right onto the old silk shade.  I'm thinking I can change the centre seasonally by snipping a couple of threads and re trimming the band.

The sleeves on the candle bulbs were yellow and split but I remembered seeing this on Timeless Treasures. ~

Audrey comes up with the most ingenious ways to re purpose things and, since she has a good twenty years on me, puts me to shame with the projects she tackles.  Check her site out, but I warn you, you'll fall in love with her!

Out comes my stash of old sheet music and the problem is fixed! ~

Given all the years I spent in the music biz, I think it's very apropos.

I like to think of this shade as what Audrey Hepburn's country cousin would wear to Breakfast At Tiffany's. So, I decided to take her to the country for a photoshoot, back at the river.  I'm sure the neighbours don't find it odd that I'm carrying a floor lamp around outside with me!

Let's see how she looks beside my old bait shack door. ~

Shabby perfection! ~