Thursday, 5 July 2012

A Fun Little Paint Project

I sent my daughter, Farm Girl, a pic of a planter with a cute saying on it.  She has six kids and I thought she could relate to the sentiment.  She sent an e-mail back saying, "Make me one!".  When she only had two kids, she used to write long, newsy e-mails.  Now, I'm lucky to get one line!

This is what I came up with. ~

I've looked everywhere to find who did the original!  I thought I had it pinned but no luck.  If anyone knows who's work this is, let me know and I'll be sure they get credit.

Here's the inspiration. ~

I thought I would make a box and then I realized I had no idea how to do such a thing.  Plan B was to find a planter and add the text.

Then, I stumbled on this box made of some sort of composite stuff at my local Salvation Army for $1. ~

It even came with a fat, old cat in it!  He just has to try out every box that comes into this house. ~

This struck me as perfect to hold gardening hand tools!  A planter is really just an idle threat.  A tool box means business!  My mom raised six kids and she NEVER made idle threats.  If she said she'd throw your toys in the garbage if you didn't pick them up, that's exactly what she did!  No amount of crying or pleading made her back down, once she'd said a thing.

I asked Farm Girl if she wanted a craft done to look like weathered wood, aged paint or barn boards and she said, "Any or all of the above."  Okay, lets throw it all at this box!

I start with some Martha Stewart sample paint pots. ~

Then, I drew some lines on with permanent marker. ~

I washed a light taupe on the whole thing, added a crackle medium and gave it a light coat of white on top of that.  To make the crackle stand out a bit more, I dry brushed a light brown on top of it all. A little rub-on of a wheelbarrow makes a cute touch. ~

This is a good sized and very sturdy box and will hold everything she needs to take out to the garden. ~

Since Amish Girl and her sister are already working in the garden, it may be the other four that need to worry about being unruly! ~ 

My eldest granddaughter lives to ride horses, so maybe we'll call her National Velvet.  She'd like that!

Feel free to awwww over these sweeties!  

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