Thursday 12 July 2012

A Little Help From The Grandkids

I had all the grandchildren here on the weekend.  They range in age from one to eighteen and it's wonderful to see how well they all get along.  The older kids are very kind to the little tykes.  The little ones worship look up to the older ones.

 Baby is still fascinated with serving tea from the vintage, blue willow tea set that came from my neighbour.  The knee in the picture belongs to her eighteen year old cousin and she fed the poor boy at least a gallon of none too clean water tea! ~

This grandson, we call The Chicken Whisperer.  He helps his mom care for the chickens that are brought to their animal sanctuary. ~

He checked the feathered girls over and pronounced them in the best of health!  He also gave me some really good pointers on daily care.  To keep the water in the trough clean and free of bits of straw, he set the trough up on a couple of bricks.  Why didn't that occur to me?

The favourite toy of the day for the little ones was this $5 wagon I bought at auction. ~

The favourite for all ages was a tether ball.  It says right on the box that it's not recommended for children under 36 mths. of age, as they may get their necks caught in the string.  I think they may what to mention that a missile, travelling at a high rate of speed, toward the toddlers head, is a bad idea, too.

Apparently, baby is a risk taker, because she loved that thing! ~

When she shot it at Chicken Whisperer he fell down.  He fell down over and over again and every time it broke Baby up! ~

The kids wanted to know why I had a rusty bucket hanging on the chicken pen.  I explained that I found the pen unattractive and was beginning to decorate it.  Since the girls are not allowed to have roosters come calling, I added a couple of pin up boys to decorate their walls.  ~

To find out how to age galvanized metal click here.  The images are from The Graphics Fairy and I used outdoor ModPodge to attach them to the bucket.

Baby and Amish Girl wanted to help and this is what we found them doing. ~

Hmmm - not exactly the look I was going for!  I'm pretty sure this won't be a Pinterest sensation.

Still, it's always nice to have a little help from grandkids!

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  1. But, didn't they give you a great idea to hang things from the holes in the fencing? Maybe not dinosaurs, but or something? Your grandkids are soooo sweet! All of them! Lucky you! xo wendy

  2. Ha, that's hilarious. I don't know,..maybe the dinosaurs will grow on you, lol. Sounds like a fabulous day.

  3. Ah ha ha ha ha ha.... baby laughing at tennis ball to the head, too cute! Chicken Whisperer, new name for my son..... not having roos visit our girls, excellent idea since after the hatch we have not got any eggs!


  4. Awww...Maureen! Does it get any better than that? How sweet and precious each and every one of those kids are...a blessing that far surpasses anything we could have dreamed of, huh?

    Love Baby and Chicken Whisperer....and all the kids that were so good to the little ones. Hope you have a great day- xo Diana

  5. It is wonderful that all the kids get along as that is not always the case. I adore your nicknames for each of them Maureen. xoxo, olive

  6. bless the chicken whisperer for being such a great sport!

  7. What wonderful grandkids. I love the baby laughing . So cute. I like the chicken bucket. Smiles, Susie

  8. How nice that you had all the grandlittle's to visit you! What a wonderful sport your grandson was for the little one. I look forward to seeing that fence on Pinterest, lol.

  9. Oh what fun you had, and how lucky to have a chicken whisperer in the family. That bucket is adorable!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my guest post at Kathys, people said the nicest things and I did not even have to die LOL!


  10. Your grandchildren are adorable Maureen and what cute names you've given them. I'm all inspired! Let's see...trying to think of names. lol I'll do it later and I love that bucket and I'm sure the other decorations will grow on you.

  11. I can just hear the giggles every time she hit him with the arrow. The pictures are priceless! Just love the one-of-a-kind fence redo! So original! ;)

  12. Such a cute post Maureen with your adorable grandchildren, it must be great to have them all come visit.
    Love the dinosaur decorated chicken coop !

  13. oh so fun to have the grandkids. We had ours just a couple weeks ago and although we were nonstop busy, I miss that busyness when they're not here!

  14. I am always loving the phamily business I see here in blog land! Thanks for the share. The candid photos re precious!

  15. haha! Love all the sweet photos and your narrative to each. What a sweet way to spend the day....with wonderful grandchildren! (We are happy to have our first...although, they live quite a long ways away!)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (still catching up on H posts :o) Hope you get a chance to stop by).

  16. It sounds like you had a great visit with your grandkids. What sweet memories they will have! Love that wagon.

  17. Oh, they are precious!

    I love that you have a chicken whisperer in the family!

    Thanks for sharing your happy family with us for the letter 'H'.