Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Trying Something New In The Garden

The amazing thing about me, is my ability to work on renovating a rental property for months and still keep my own house and yard in perfect order!  This leaves you with the option of either saying, "I hate Little Miss Perfect and I'm never reading her blog again!" or snorting your coffee out your nose while doubling over in laughter.

The truth is, I intended to wow you all with my well managed, working garden.  I wanted to show you my system of successive plantings that gets me much more annual yield than the space allows for.

Instead, I am faced with an overgrown, weed infested mess and I've set in to try and salvage what I could. ~

Are there actual veggies in there?

The only area that was weed free was where Wendy from Herballistic Garden insisted I put down newspaper and straw.  She even helped me do it!  It had been a month; everything was thriving and there wasn't a weed in sight. ~

I'm now working my way across the garden with two layers of newspaper and 3-4 inches of straw for mulch. ~

The only real work involved in this is weeding the area beforehand. Once you have the mulch down, you give it a good soaking.  This method keeps the plant roots cool in the high temperatures we are experiencing and conserves water.  The straw and newspaper can be tilled into the soil in the fall or spring.  Did I mention there are NO weeds?

You can be sure I'll be using this method from the beginning next year!

Next summer, I may even wow you all as an absolutely perfect gardener!  Pshawwww!  Go ahead and snort some more coffee through your nose!