Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Rescued Chickens Update

We all, finally, took the weekend off from working on the reno.  What did I do with all that free time?  I got sick!  After that super weekend in bed, I'm still a walking incubator for flu/cold germs and no one will come near me.

Sooo - I'm hangin' with the cats and the chickens.  They love my conversation.  They love everything I do.  They'd build shrines to me if they had opposable thumbs.  I know this because I make up all their lines and that's what they always say.  

I asked my feathered friends if they thought they looked good enough for an update and they said, "Hell, ya. We're some fine looking mamas, now!"  I know these girls are plain old white, but I try to give them cool sistah voices when they talk.  (Did I mention I've been running a high fever?  Can you tell?)

Remember, these girls had only been out of the experimental facility for two days when I picked them up.  To see how I came to rescue these chickens click here.  Here's how they looked a month ago. ~

Next stop was the soup factory for these spent hens.

We've had lots of adventures with a bad cat.  He still believes, if he rubs his face against the fence and purrs, I'll let him in there for a chicken dinner. ~

We've come a long way with learning how to preen, peck, perch, walk on a ramp and nest.  There's no more huddling under the coop to hide from people.  They don't just drop their eggs wherever they happen to fall out any more.  They've discovered yummy bugs turn up when they scratch the ground.  

Why do they love me?  Because I have these!  Cherry tomatoes! ~

Gert always looks mad because she's blind and has very tiny pupils.  She's the brave one and can hear me coming from the minute I leave the house.  I have to pick her up and move her away from the gate so it doesn't shut on her.

When you get the tomato, you have to run away so the other one doesn't get it.  Chickens don't share!

Maude spent the first couple of weeks hiding under Gert whenever I came near. She's still  leery of contact.  Come on Maude, you know you want the tomato. ~

"Every time you try and touch me, I'm going back in my coop!", says Maude. ~  

These gals may not be exotic ladies of colour, that you see on other blogs, but they do have feathers now.

Check out these new butt feathers! ~

I bet this is the first blog you've read today that showed you a chicken's butt.

Oh, and the spent hen part .... there's two fine eggs in the nests every day.

They remind me of Richard Burton telling his new wife not to discount the, then, heavy Liz Taylor because, "The old girl will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix."  And, she did.

So, did my girls!