Thursday, 3 November 2011

I Meant To Do My Work Today ...

The next lines of this poem, I remember from childhood, are ~
           But a songbird sang in an apple tree
           And all the leaves were calling me.
I don't know the author but I've never forgotten the poem.

I certainly have leaves calling me ~

A quick trip to town for bread is surely okay before I start in on the yard work.  Since I'm here, I may as well check out the thrift store.

Who wouldn't want to find the largest cornucopia I have ever seen in rattan?  This baby is 12" high and 25" long!  At $1.99, I snap it up. ~

The cart begins to fill with Christmas ornaments, wreaths, books, cd's.  I was on such a roll it was questionable if I could fit it all in the car.

I dilly dallied over this black planter which was only a dollar.

When I got it home, I pulled out a dish and was ready to toss it.  Oh my, it's a J & G Meakin stoneware bowl, with no chips or cracks.  I love white ironstone and would have tee heed all the way home if I'd known it was there.  This piece is from the early 1900's. ~ 

Now, I really must get on those leaves!  I head to the back with a little stop to remember my dad, by this bench he brought home from the town jail.  He was converting the building to a pottery and that size bench is darned handy in a big family!

Of course, I must stop to admire the sunshine bouncing off the river. ~ 

And gaze for a time on the brilliance of yellow leaves against a blue sky. ~ 

I simply must sit for a bit of a chat with my mom.  She passed away this year and she always loved this spot ~

When I finished my circuit, the leaves were still there to be sure. ~

But, I have had a lovely day!  The leaves aren't going anywhere and they can just sit there quietly until I'm free.

Have a do whatever makes you happy day!