Monday 21 November 2011

Rusty Bucket Christmas Tree!

Do you remember the dollar store bucket I aged by setting it in vinegar?  Check it out, now, as a holder for a tiny Christmas tree! ~

I posted about this technique on my DIY, You Can Age Metal.  It started out all shiny like this ~

A few hours in vinegar turned it into this ~

I downloaded a lovely Victorian Christmas image from The Graphics Fairy.  Actually, I was out of coloured printer ink, so I ran down a couple of doors to Wendy from Herballistic Garden and she printed it out for me.  It's sooo handy having a blogger friend close by.  I worked for it though, because her dog was loose and I had to help chase it all over the village!

The image was applied with outdoor ModPodge in case I want to use this bucket outside next year.  Just glue it on with the ModPodge, smooth out the bubbles with a credit card and put another coat of ModPodge on the surface of the paper. ~

Wendy also turned me on to rolls of burlap garland at Michael's.  A 10 yrd. roll is $6.69.  I made a bow and attached it to the bucket handle. ~

What a helpful cat Utah is!  Then, I potted up a Euro Tree (whatever that is!) from Home Depot. and added a dollar store bird.  The total cost for this arrangement is about $10 and I love it! ~

The final resting place is the dresser in my bedroom. ~ 

This is Shabby Chic Heaven!!!

Have a day filled with simple pleasures!

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  1. It turned out sweet Maureen! Love the wee birdy in the tree! xo

  2. Oh my goodness. This is seriously shabby chic heaven. I love the trick to age metal. Love love love it. And I'm gonna try it!

  3. That tree looks perfect in that bucket! Thanks for the tip on aging the metal.


  4. Love the tree in aged metal bucket, and glad you got the dog back.

  5. Hi Maureen,
    Thanks so much for the love! Your comments made my night! Love how you aged the galvanized bucket - I like old crusty things too! Following you now.