Thursday 24 November 2011

I Am So Thankful!

The great part about having a different date to celebrate Thanksgiving from my American friends, is that I get to be thankful all over again!

With my daughter being seriously ill, it should be difficult to feel thankful but the kindness of others has made my heart sing!

My daughter has devoted her life to helping other beings and her causes are so many I can't keep track of them!  The December issue of Reader's Digest has an article about some of the charitable work she does.  It seems as if she just gives and gives and never expects any kind of reward.

She has a barn full of rescued abused and abandoned farm animals.  Her home is busy with six children. Her husband works long hours as a cancer researcher and university professor.  How is everything to be done while she tries to regain her health?  Who will take care of her?

The answer is ..... almost everyone who knows her will!

I am thankful for the neighbouring farmers who bring her horses in from the paddock. The volunteers who come to clean stalls.  The neighbours who pick up medications and are on call if she needs someone to stay with her.

I am thankful for the youngest grandchildren who try to stay quiet and help set the table for dinner.

I am thankful for the two eldest grandchildren (far left and far right) who are taking over barn chores and do a great job of caring for the youngest children to help their dad with all he has to do.

I am thankful for my other daughter who drives several hours to stay with her sister and keep the house running.

I am thankful for the university grad students who took up a collection and bought a freezer full of pre-made food.  And, also, for my daughter's dear friend who hired Molly Maid for five weeks to keep the house under control.  I'm thankful for the children's Principal calling today and saying the teachers and some parents wanted to help and could he bring the food they have all made for her freezer.

I am thankful for Wendy at Herballistic Garden who is caring for my cats while I am away at my daughter's place.  She is already taking meals to my sister who is recovering from surgery.  She says, "take my car with the four wheel drive, can I take a turn with your daughter so you don't get too tired, can I make food, how can I help?".  I might add that four of the grandchildren are adopted and had never been swimming until Wendy and Dan offered their pool to get them used to water.

I am thankful that the world is full of loving and caring people!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I wish we had one every month!!!

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  1. make me blush! Who wouldn't want to help such nice people who are always there for others? Garsh...