Friday, 21 March 2014

Spring In A Basket

With spring officially here, I am already thinking of outdoor decor. How about painting up a basket to hold all those flowers that will be popping up in the gardens! ~

This little wicker basket on a bamboo stand started out as a $4 thrift store find. ~

The basket got a light coat of blue, latex paint. The stand had a shiny surface and rather than sand it, I mixed the latex paint with Plaster of Paris and water for a DIY chalk paint. ~

To make your own chalk paint, mix 2 parts latex paint to one part Plaster of Paris.  Stir until thoroughly mixed and there are no lumps.  Thin with warm water to the normal paint consistency.  That's all there is to it.

Now to give it all an aged look.  I mixed dark brown craft paint half and half with water to create a wash that would drip into the recesses. ~

As I painted on the wash, I wiped back with a cloth.  Don't worry if it looks too dark.  You can always lighten it up by dry brushing some of the original (in this case blue) paint on top of the brown after it has dried.

Just the right amount of age for my taste! ~

The sign is a blank piece from Michael's and I added a chalkboard paint centre.  It's the first time I've used chalkboard paint and it went on easily.  After two coats of paint dried, I seasoned it by rubbing a piece of chalk across it and it's ready for me to add whatever script strikes my fancy.

I'm not quite sure how this basket will be used on the front porch.  Clara Jane thinks she has found the perfect use for it! ~

Now, all I need is for the mounds of snow to melt away and the real daffodils to bloom for my basket of spring!