Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Can This Mean Spring?

While the neighbours are away, I head to their house to check on it and feed their bunny.

What's this I spy with my little eye? ~

He has the taps in the sugar maple and the buckets are ready to go. ~

They never asked me to check the buckets but I'm a very conscientious house sitter and take a peek inside.  Plus, if it's a good yield this year, they'll give me some of the maple syrup.

Oh my gosh, the sap is running! The trees have decided it is spring. ~

I don't just take the tree's word for it.  I need a second opinion.

Ann Boleyn claims the delicate constitution of a royal and has refused to step foot outside the coop all winter. ~

Molly and Kay venture out unless it's snowing heavily or very windy, but Ann will not.  Kay has the frostbitten comb to show for her reckless wandering in the frigid temperatures.  I had to put Vaseline on their combs as a protective barrier and, let me tell you, chickens are not fond of having that procedure done to them!

Ann is outside so it must be spring! ~

We have weathered a difficult winter and the sunshine makes us dream of gardens and boat rides, campfires and barbecues.

Ann's dreams are a little more lofty, though.

She dreams of this new home she'd like me to build. It's much more in keeping with her station in life. ~

We can dream, Ann.  We can all dream.