Wednesday 19 March 2014

Grow Your Own Sprouts

My girlfriends and I went out for a shopping day.  They had a heyday in the clothing stores and my big thrill was the farmer's market.  What can I say?  I'm odd.

I'm itching to be outside gardening and a packet of mumm's sprouts looked like the perfect answer for a little indoor garden pretending. ~

I tried to grow sprouts years ago and it involved a tray with layers of paper towel, daily misting and a general failure with mouldy seeds.  In the day and age of Internet and clever bloggers, that has all changed. Someone figured out an easier, foolproof way to have a regular supply of sprouts at you fingertips.

For $4 the mumm's Crunchy Bean Mix guaranteed that my seeds were organic and free of pesticides. You can buy them at health foods stores and some garden centres.

All you need is a canning jar, some cheesecloth, pesticide free seeds and water. ~

Put 2 tbsp. of the seeds in the jar.  Cut a piece of cheesecloth to cover the top of the jar and fasten it in place with a sealer ring. ~

The cheesecloth is going to allow you to add water and drain it out without any of the seeds escaping the jar.

I followed the instructions on the seed packet.  Cover the seeds in water, swish them around in the jar and drain the water out.  Repeat the process.  Make sure all the seeds have fallen back to the bottom of the jar and add water to cover the seeds with an extra half inch or so.

Let it sit for 4 to 6 hours. ~

Drain the water off and the prep part is all done.

Lie the jar on it's side away from direct sunlight.  I put mine in a kitchen cupboard. ~

Twice a day, add water, swish the seeds around and drain the water back out.  By day two, I could see tiny sprouts growing. ~

This is exciting!  Not only am I getting the jump on the growing season, but these sprouts are chock full of nutrition.  You seriously have to click on this link to Get Healthy Life.  I guarantee you will be amazed at the health benefits of incorporating sprouts into your diet!  A quart sealer of sprouted seeds costs about a quarter.

By day five, the sprouts were a nice size for adding to sandwiches, stir fries, veggie soup, fried rice, etc.

Try to get a close up of the sprouts and get photo bombed by the ever helpful Clara Jane. ~

How many of you are making a mental note to never eat sprouts at my house because the cat stuck her nose on the cheesecloth?  I know you are!

This is a really fun project to do with kids.  They see them grow and that always helps to get them to try something new.

By day five I have a bowl full. I can keep them in the fridge, in a covered container, for about a week. ~

They won't last a week in this house.  The chickens went wild over them!


  1. I am just bad. I do not like sprouts! I don't know why. My hubby never met a spout he didn't like. Me? I never met one I would WANT TO like. lol However, this is a great tip but, sad to say, not one I will copy. Now..if MyHero wants to grow his own sprouts I will send him here...or to your house. How do you feel about grumpy old men?l>) xo Diana

  2. Lol I will just assumed you washed the cat germs away, although if I'm in Canada ill count myself lucky and eat anything. I remember growing sprout through, clean pantyhose as a kid so much fun.

  3. That looks like so much fun! I am going to try this. I would eat the sprouts at your house Maureen, our dogs stick their noses in everything!

  4. I would eat them too(whether they'd been sniffed by a cat or not), I love sprouts but they're probably one of the few things my dog wouldn't touch. He doesn't do fruit or veggies either. If I give him a grape he plays with it like it's a ball.
    I was thinking I had grown sprouts at school, but that was cress. I'm not sure I have the patience but if I ever retire, I'm going to come to you for nutritional advice and a kick up the backside about my eating habits.

  5. At our house, we call that seasoning. :) I'm going to try this sprout method. I had heard of the layered paper towel method too but it seemed like too much work. I can set this up beside the kefir I make, lol.

  6. This looks sooo easy. I'm going to try this, we love stir fries!

  7. Kitty 'help' is always happening here so it wouldn't stop me at all! Love this way to grow sprouts!

  8. I love sprouts and tried to grow them once and like your..only got mold. This looks like a better way! About how many "growings" can you get out of one package? I put sprouts on my sandwiches.

  9. I was just telling Stephen the other day how much I love bean sprouts in our stir fry. This looks really simple to do ! On the to do list :)

  10. Hi Maureen ... that is an interesting post ... don't know if I would eat sprouts, but I am sure they are good for you. Thanks for trying to keep all of us healthy.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  11. Are you kidding me?? I feel like I would have Danni's fate and end up with mold. But yours look great!!