Monday, 2 September 2013

Picture Life Without Them

I took a few minutes today to think about all the people who labour to make this old world keep on running. They are the grease that keeps it turning smoothly on it's axis.

I feel better knowing these folks are there for me. ~

These ones make life a heck of a lot nicer. ~

My mechanic and I have become old friends. ~

A lot of people work hard for the life I enjoy. ~

Others make sure I stay well. ~

Some suffer injury or worse.  This workers memorial in Hamilton, Ontario reminds us of all those who were injured at work. ~

It's a day of honour for them and and a reminder to give thanks for all those who face danger, wear their bodies out, suffer from stress or cope with injuries.

Here's a great THANK YOU to every single person that has worked to give me the goods and services I enjoy every day!

Today is your day and you've earned your R & R, picnics, ball games and BBQs.  Have a great Labour Day!  This party is all for you. ~