Thursday, 12 September 2013

I Was Vacuuming My Yard ...

What, you don't vacuum your lawn?  

I admit it isn't something I do on a regular basis.  The heavy rains brought a big, old, maple tree limb down. It narrowly missed the chicken coop and completely pulverised a cute, little bistro set I had sitting in the shade.

The table was bent and the ceramic top shattered. ~

A whole lot of sawing and hauling away later, I figure the mess is done with.  I'm sitting with a cup of tea, enjoying a bit of relaxing chicken TV and laughing at them clucking and stuffing themselves at the base of the maple tree.  The bugs must be mighty good in that area!

Then, it strikes me as very odd that they are sticking to one spot.  I drop the tea and high tail it to that tree.

The stupid chickens are gobbling up pottery shards! ~

I'm running around screaming and trying to catch the chickens and they are ducking (getting my fowl all mixed up here) around to grab another piece.

And that is why I grabbed a shop vac and gave the yard a darned good cleaning! ~

It appears that chickens can eat broken pottery with no ill effects.  You will really make their day if you give them Styrofoam for dessert!

Stupid chickens!