Monday 23 September 2013

Securing The Chicken Coop

The problem is that raccoons really do like chickens ..... FOR DINNER!  

I have an 8' tall chain link fence around my chicken run.  It was a safety zone for the girls from any local dogs that got into the yard.

Unfortunately, the two new chickens didn't want to stay in there and they taught the others to do this. ~

So, the minute I let them out of the coop in the morning, they all fly over that fence and wander around the yard.  They wander into the neighbour's yards, even though they have dogs.  My neighbours have been very good about having my girls dig in their flower beds and eat their tomatoes but it's just not safe.

They do love to come to the patio door and squawk at me for treats.  I mean, who doesn't love having chicken poop all over their patio?

I don't really mind having to hose a bit of poop off and they provide hours of entertainment for the kittens. ~

But, the other day when I came back from visiting a couple of doors away, there was a raccoon in the yard! A raccoon can rip up four chickens in no time at all.  It was a young coon and it ran off when it saw me but I knew I had to get moving on closing in the top of the run or it would be Bye Bye Birdie!

I share the chickens with my sister and brother in law and they came to help close in the top. ~

It's not pretty but it gets the job done and I don't have to worry the whole time I'm away from home. ~

I'm going to have to grow some kind of vine up over the whole thing and disguise it.  Hmmm - what to grow? Any ideas?

Just when I was feeling good about living with an eyesore for the sake of the girls, a neighbour told me his dog had chased a couple of them the day before.  Okay.  Then, he said all four chickens had been perched on top of the fence this morning.  Okay.  Then, he said he hoped they didn't get their necks caught in the roof fencing when they tried to fly out.


Why did he have to put that thought in my head when I was sure I was done worrying!


  1. Ewww - I have such a visual right now of a raccoon and a chicken !!!
    How about Grape Vines? They grow like crazy and then the chickens could have grapes as a treat???
    Love the photo of the kittens looking out at them - the chickens look bigger then them lol !

  2. Lol I was going to say grapes too, although I'm not sure how they grow in your climate but they're like weeds here I have been trying to kill the stupid grapes I grow here for 6 years (bitter wine grapes, I love wine but not enough to DIY) Poor chickens, I did not know that raccoons ate chickens, how horrid! Sometimes people should just be quiet you did not have to have that thought planted!

  3. Funny pictures of the chickens on top of the fence and on the patio with the kittens looking out. That's a dilemma for sure and the fencing on top of the area will work but I'd hate to think they'd fly up and get their heads stuck! Hopefully they won't try that idea. Good luck!

  4. You get those birds secure in memory of our 5 fowl that were feasted on by a rabid beast.

  5. It's like kids never stop worrying! I have no idea what to plant over it, but honeysuckle vine grows like crazy here and smells good too!

  6. Goodness. I hope the chickens figure it out after the first non escape attempt.

  7. My goodness, Maureen! You take such good care of those gals, I feel for you worrying about them. I would, too. Hope everything gets taken care of quickly so that you can relax!! Your cats look TOO funny just staring at the antics of those birds!! Suzan had a great idea; love the grapevine as a cover and treats for them!


  8. Have you seen Prison Break? They're going to escape, and we all know it. :) Ha! That's so cute with the kitties watching them!

    Keep those raccoons (and the foxes) away from those girls!


  9. I think the girls are pretty clever and will learn quickly that they can't fly out. Put some pottery shards around the outside of their pen to keep their interest on the ground !
    I'd have hours of fun too watching the kittens watching the chickens, so cute.

  10. Oh no...darn raccoons!!
    Grape vine sounds good as well as honeysuckle. I love seeing the chickens walking around your yard!

  11. I am sure you will think of something clever to grow around their home, at least now you wont have to worry about the chickens getting out, they are smart and wont get stuck. Good luck.

  12. Those cute little chicken seem to keep you busy and entertained ... but maybe not entertained as you would like. Hope this works for you ... they cannot get out and nothing can get in. Don't know about Racoons ... they seem to do just what they want to do.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  13. Oh lord... those chickens are quite the personalities, and just stir up all kinds of things!
    maybe you could grow Autumn clematis on the fencing?


  14. fab shot of the kittens watching chicken TV!

  15. I can remember those days when we had chickens on the farm. My father finally built a corn crib alongside the chicken coop and they chickens had free access to one end of it. Good job you did there. xo Diana