Saturday, 28 September 2013

Falling Behind

I've been feeling kind of bad that I don't have my fall decorating done yet.  I'm into a whole lot of big projects and maybe, just maybe, I'm in over my head right now.  My sister will be laughing because she says I always think I can do more than I can and wind up frustrating myself.

Last year by this time, the front porch looked like this. ~

Why did I start painting three rooms, yes three, when I have chicken coop winterizing to do and the yard to shut down?

I have taken the last of the produce out of the vegetable garden.  A vine that popped up on on it's own has yielded 19 nice squash. Don't you just love getting something for free? ~

As I moved the basket onto the front porch, I thought all the produce sitting out there waiting to be stored was a sort of harvest decorating in itself and I snapped a quick picture. ~

Better Homes & Gardens won't be beating down my door for a photo shoot, but it is real.

A quick update on Ann Boleyn.  She's starting to settle in and letting me get a little closer to her. Today was the first time I let her out into the main run. ~

I made sure the other gals were locked out of there.  As you know, they've spent all their time busting out of the run.  The minute I locked them out, they spent all their time trying to bust back in! Stupid chickens. ~

The reason poor, old Utah looks so cross as he lies on a chaise,

is that Gertie gave up trying to get back into the run and took over his favourite napping spot on the stone step. ~

I may not be able to show you my fabulous fall decor but who else can show you a chicken sleeping with a mermaid!

And really, could I improve on the beauty of this thistle gone to seed on the farm fencing? ~

Welcome to fall in Ontario!