Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Chickens Found Me

Yup, the chickens found out where I live.  They want to be with me ALL THE TIME!  That's because I'm totally awesome to fowl.  I have yummy food.  I break up their fights.  I save them from scary things like planes and motorcycles.

I was gazing out the back door at my peaceful yard when I saw this. ~

Not the arrow.  I edited that in so you would notice the chickens perched on the top of the eight foot high fence.  A white arrow floating in the trees would have been worthy of a separate post, don't you think?

They're taunting Gertie and Lizzie, calling them sissies. "You're too fat to fly!" ~

That's the two new girls, Kay and Molly, that I brought home the same day I picked up the kittens.

"You didn't think this little fence would keep us in here, did you?". ~

Actually, Kay, I did think it would.  It's for your safety.

Okay, I can live with them digging up the potato plants. ~

They also dug up the new grass I planted to fill in an old fire pit.  They like to take dirt baths there.  Hmmm - what to do about this eyesore?

I'll pretend it is supposed to be there.  Paint up a little sign and designate this a chicken spa area. It sounds so much better in French! ~

I feel much better about it! ~

Now, what should I designate this area of the rose garden as? ~

My favourite part of all this chicken freedom is finding them following me down the sidewalk on the way to visit my neighbour.  Nothing looks as chic as a chicken entourage!