Monday, 12 August 2013

Rocks In Their Heads!

I'm quoting my Dad here.  Whenever someone did something he thought was just plain crazy he'd say, "They must have rocks in their heads".

Just before I started into my annual pickling season, I took a day trip to visit my daughter in Toronto.  We did a little shopping and I went into Williams Sonoma to totally rip off look at their design ideas.

Artfully scattered around the displays were these. ~

For $8.95 you could purchase a quart sealer.  Seriously?  And to think I was upset because a case of 12 had gone up to $6.99 at my local hardware store!  When did plain, old, clear sealers become high fashion home decor?  They aren't pretty colours, antique copies or zinc lidded.  They are just sealer jars.

If you need lids for those jars, you can get a package of 12 for $13.60.  Or, go to my hardware store and buy the same number for $3. ~

Now, if you want a crock to go along with the jars, you can have this one for $99.28.  It doesn't have a lid and you can buy the same plain Jane crock at a yard sale for a few bucks.  ~

I sincerely hope I'm not hurting anyone's feelings, but those are crazy prices just to have a little country feel in your kitchen.  Isn't that exactly the opposite of what country is all about?  I have visions of Gucci clad young professionals scooping these things up to add a homey feel to their designer lofts.

On the bright side, I've figured out how to make my fortune!  I'll dump the contents out and sell the jars! ~

Any buyers?

If you did buy those jars and can't think what to put in them, you can find my world famous (maybe not world but certainly village famous) garlic dill pickles here.

Then, you really should have those rocks removed from your head!