Monday, 4 June 2012

An Oversized Craft Paint Project!

You all know I like to do paint projects.  You take a piece of wood and play around with paint until you get it looking like old wood, driftwood or weathered paint.  It's fun!

The project I took on this weekend was NOT FUN!

The upper hallway in my rental property has gorgeous, exposed beams.  They are massive and hand hewn, with the marks from the adze clearly visible.  Unfortunately, they had been painted mint green.

I didn't take before pics but the green showing on the wall is the same colour. ~

I cockily assured my partners that if anyone could doctor these beams back to looking original, it was me!  Have I mentioned my affinity with Dumb and Dumber yet?  Or, how about, "Pride goeth before a fall."?

Five hours on a ladder, arms over my head, dark brown stain dripping from a saturated rag into my hair and the green started to appear weathered grey and aged dark wood. ~

A rag held more stain than a brush for the first layer.  A brush pushed more stain into narrow fissures than a rag.  ~

After letting it all soak in for a bit, more dark walnut stain was dry brushed on top. ~

That was one hideously painful heck of a fun way to spend a weekend! ~ 

I'm telling you, the fun never stops with this renovation!  I'm definitely feeling a "Calgon, take me away!" vibe these days!

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