Thursday 25 June 2015

Second Season For The Lavender Bed

I have my first lavender harvest! ~

Last year the bushes were teeny, tiny things and they had to survive the coldest winter on record in my part of Canada. ~

I followed all the instructions I linked to in the original post about planting lavender. You can read that post here.  All but one of them made it through. Because of the harsh winter there was a fair bit of deadwood to cut off and a few of the bushes didn't reach the size they should have, but they should catch up over the summer.

I managed to harvest about a pound of blossoms. Then, I trimmed the bushes back by about 1/3 and pruned away any straggler branches around the base. ~

From what I've been reading, I may get a second blooming. Fingers are crossed!

My entourage has come out to inspect our progress. They helped with the planting and weeding, so it's only fair they get to be there now. ~

After several failed attempts at growing lavender, I can't thank A Guide To Lavender enough for finally showing me how to do it right.

Lavender's blue dilly, dilly
Lavender's green
When I am King dilly, dilly
You shall be Queen

There's no sign of a king around here, not even a rooster, but I feel like a medieval princess with bunches of lavender hanging to dry all around the house! ~

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