Tuesday, 7 January 2014

What I Learned About Making Sausage

When you live in the country and the temperature drops to -40 you have to make your own fun indoors.  So, when a few of the neighbours decided to have a sausage making day, I joined right in.

This will be fun to blog about! ~

The most important thing I learned was that all pictures of the process are pornography.  You can't help it. No matter how hard you try to stage them to look like works of art, they look gross!  Secondly, every thing you say about them will sound like a double entendre and make grown women giggle like they are at a slumber party and men haw haw like the kitchen is a locker room.

It's best to quit at the grinding stage.  See, even that sounds like a joke! ~

By the way, the Kitchen Aid grinder attachment doesn't work very well.  We switched to a professional machine after giving it a go.

The basic seasonings are salt and pepper, but the variations on what you can add are endless.

You need to fry a bit up for a taste test. ~

The casings look like tapeworms and it's hard to photograph them so they look pretty. ~

I have no comment on the next part of the process. ~

I'm even less inclined to comment on what happens next. ~

 At this point, the guys feel they can do a better job and take over.  I suppose experience counts for something. ~

And, you wind up with a great big one.  'Nuff said on that? ~

At this point, you twist it until you get the length you like.  Go ahead girls, giggle. ~

It's still brutally cold here and I can only hope that the next idea for amusement is nowhere near as obscene when it comes to sharing it with you!

I'm never writing about sausages again!