Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Please, No Surprises!

I don't like surprises because I have to live with far too many on a daily basis.  The older I get, the more I have to adjust to some pretty frightening changes and every one takes me by surprise.

An absolute stranger has shown up in my mirror!  That's not me but I wouldn't be any more shocked to see her looking back than I do with my present image. ~

I'm surprised to find myself, after decades in the entertainment business and another decade in interior design, living like Tasha Tudor. ~

I'm dressing like Dian Fossey, as if at any moment I could be whisked away to deepest, darkest Africa to live with gorillas. I'm surprised my closet full of high heels haven't walked out of here in protest! ~

This Saturday was my 62nd birthday and my sister planned a surprise for me.  She would pick me up and take me somewhere for the afternoon.  I can go with that much of a surprise.  All I asked was what I should wear.  If we were going to Africa I'd be fine, but Paris would mean hauling out those high heels.  We weren't going to either country so good, casual was the decision.  I've since learned she planned to take me to have my nails and hair done.  I'm thinking that means she doesn't like my Dian Fossey look.

I got ready and waited.  She phoned.  She had the flu and we weren't going anywhere.  "Well, that certainly is a birthday surprise!", I said.  "Don't worry about it.  I'll get into my paint clothes and finish painting my bedroom."  She didn't seem to think that was a good idea and suggested I just relax for the day.  "Oh, and Liz (my friend) is coming out to visit you around 5.  You don't need to give her supper."  I'm not to feed someone who shows up at the dinner hour?

I could clean up the house that has been neglected while I redecorated my bedroom, but Liz is an old friend and won't care.

So, I do important things like hang snowshoes on my wall. ~

It's a quiet and lazy way to spend a birthday.  Liz arrived and surprised me with dinner already made.  How nice.  Now, we can settle in for a glass of wine and a good catch up chat.

But, she seems in a hurry to get this meal over with.  She's pushing me out the door to put the chickens to bed for the night.  She wants us to do the dishes.

"Just leave them, Liz.  I'll do them in the morning."  
"No, we should do them. And maybe we should pick up a little."

I'm getting a BAD feeling.

"Your birthday isn't over."

I'm getting a REALLY BAD feeling.

"Some people are coming over."
"Who is coming over?"
"I don't know."
"Some people, that you don't know, are coming here?  When?"
"In about an hour".

My sister (the one who is now in bed with the flu) had planned a surprise birthday party at her house! Rather than cancel everyone, especially the ones who were coming from out of town, she shifted it to my house. My messy house!

The only thing worse than getting older is having one hour to get ready to throw your own party, for guests that could range from your closest friends to the Queen of England! Face it, there are different levels of cleaning required for different levels of intimacy.

The food and drinks arrived.  The guests arrived.  The Queen did not make an appearance and I was rather relieved. Good friends and family filled the house. We sang and laughed and had a grand, old time.

Life is full of surprises and it is better to embrace them and make the most of them.  The things we least expect to happen, can turn out to be the best things of all!

Even when the candles on the cake say you've turned 602, you can just go with it and have fun! ~

Thanks Sis for reminding me that life is best lived as a spontaneous affair!