Sunday, 26 January 2014

Animals Are Driving Me Crazy!

I think I have a bad case of cabin fever.  The snow keeps falling, the ice keeps building and the temperatures are so low it's misery to be outside! ~

Even with a heat lamp on in the coop, I have to make many trips to it each day, because their water keeps freezing.  The girls aren't doing anything wrong but this is the time of year when chicken keeping really isn't fun. ~

There isn't much left out there for wildlife to forage and rabbits are decimating my shrubs.  I wrapped tarps around them.  That didn't work, so I put fencing up.  The only tracks are rabbit but this one must be the size of the Easter Bunny!  The branches are sheared off 3' high! ~

And while I'm out there freezing my backside off, what is going on in the house? ~

It can't possibly have been The Barbarians.  They are sweetly sleeping in another room. ~

Don't try to pretend you were keeping the old cat warm, Michaela! ~

As determined as I am to shed a few pounds, it was in the animal kingdom's best interest that I resort to this. ~

I feel better and no animals were injured in the making of this post!