Wednesday 7 August 2013

I'm Old Fashioned

I was making relish today and listening to a tribute to Glen Miller.  As I lined up the filled jars on a tea towel, a Jerome Kern/Johnny Mercer written song came on. "I'm Old Fashioned" was written in 1942 and a hit in the soundtrack for You Were Never Lovelier. ~

I'd say old fashioned pretty much sums me up. ~

If you want to try my recipe for sweet, green relish click here. 

I'm old fashioned, I love the moonlight
I love the old fashioned things
The sound of rain upon a window pane
The starry song that April sings
This years fancies are passing fancies
But sighing sighs, holding hands
These my heart understands
(Jerome Kern & Johnny Mercer)

This time of year, when I start to harvest and store the gifts of the garden, I revel in the smell of vinegar, herbs and spices. ~

I'm transported back in time to the kitchens of grandmas, aunts and my own childhood home.  It's simple, honest and I can understand it.

When I was young and new to this house I almost pulled out a heritage rose bush.  It only bloomed for one short week a year and I knew nothing about heritage roses back then.

Nothing comes close to the scent from these vintage roses! ~

I'm old fashioned but I don't mind
That's how I want to be
As long as you agree
To stay old fashioned with me

Did you know that Rita Hayworth was one of Fred Astaire's favourite dancing partners?  She was born into a Flamenco dancing family and he said she danced with her whole body.

If you're feeling old fashioned today and want to see Rita and Fred dance and sing to I'm Old Fashioned you can see it here. ~


  1. What a beauty she was, and that dress! So pretty. I enjoyed this Maureen. I am feeling very nurtured already this morning. Thinking about you filling your cabinets with treasures ...

  2. What a lovely post - lyrics - did you put lyrics in your post lol !!!!!!!!!!!
    So I'm not the only that thinks in terms of songs, right?

  3. Loved the video, you just can't beat an old black and white movie (I wish I could dance like that). The oldies are always the best, old movies, old recipes, old things, old houses (though I've had my fill of old geezers lol !)
    Thank you for sharing another lovely post Maureen x

  4. That is so interesting about Rita Hayworth's background! What a lovely post, my dear.

    Oh, how I wish I could smell your roses!


  5. oh old fashioned roses are the best. Funny how these great beauties stood the test of time compared to the little skanks running around now days.

  6. So glad you saved the rose bush. I'm making my relish tonight. Thanks for reminding me how great the old movies were.
    Lynn -

  7. Thanks for a delicious and nostalgic post, Maureen. Love the video clip. Talk about Dancing with the Stars!

    My first non-baby doll was a Rita Hayworth doll. It was the precursor to Barbie, because she was the first doll to have breasts! Quite scandalous, almost!

    I agree about heritage roses. Their fragrance is unmatched by hybrids.

  8. Oh I am old fashioned too. Love your roses!

  9. What a fun post to read Maureen! I'm about half old fashioned...I'm too afraid not to keep up with the times and technology!!! Your roses are gorgeous by the way!

  10. you tickle me....the smell of your kitchen..the flavor the spice...the sound! what a fun place to be!

  11. I think I am getting more and more old fashioned as I get older!
    I have that smell embedded in my brain from all the pickling my Mom used to do. It's funny how it just takes one person to mention pickling and I easily smell that lovely scent!