Friday, 17 May 2013

Playing With The Stars & Stripes

My daughter, City Girl, has been missing her beloved Brooklyn.  Her husband has dual citizenship and can work on both sides of the border but City Girl can only be there for a few months at a time on a visitor visa. She's back home in Canada right now and pining for the city she fell in love with when she was 11 yrs. old.

City Girl calls her decorating style 70's meets Zen so I thought it would be fun to take a $1, plastic lazy Susan and give it 70's Op Art style.

Andy Warhol would have done it like this. ~

I'm going to stick the good, old red, white and blue.

Because this was plastic and kind of shiny on the top ~

and some kind of composite material on the bottom ~

I gave it a coat of primer to make sure the paint would stick.

I gave the whole thing a coat of soft white.  I'm going for a hippie poster look here and most of this is done free hand. I did pencil in the funky stars to get an idea of sizes and placement.

Painting around those stars got mighty tedious.  The Union Jack and the Stars & Stripes are the nicest flags out there but they are murder to recreate!  The top got a coat of spray, acrylic sealer.  This is for the kitchen table and will need to be somewhat washable.

Here she is all done. ~

Maybe you need to be smoking some wacky tobaccy to appreciate this.  City Girl liked it and she looked perfectly straight to me.

I swear this is my last flag unless it's French. Theirs is just a bunch of stripes!

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