Monday, 27 May 2013

Old Fashioned Summer Porch

It's time to dress up the front porch for summer.  Here in southern Ontario, we are still dealing with wildly fluctuating temperatures and frost through the night but I simply can't wait any longer!

My sister was doing some refurnishing and asked if I wanted her vintage wicker furniture.  Do I? Oh, yeah.  You have to understand, Lynn and I have passed household items back and forth so many times that we honestly can't remember who they originally belonged to!

Let's start building a setting around the old door from my parent's general store, that I salvaged from the dumpster.  Eat you heart out all you rusted hardware and chippy paint lovers! ~

Love this 7 Up couple telling me to pull! ~

The other side of the door says to ... wait for it ... push! ~

Up go the sheer curtains. They cut the glare from the afternoon sun on the west side of the porch. ~

From the shade of the porch I can see everything outside and no one can see me.  Total privacy!  ~

There's a wicker plant stand that comes with this set and a full size couch if I can figure out some way to squeeze it in there.  My poor fern, that barely survived the winter in the house, is getting a second chance at life and my shamrock looks forward to it's move out to the porch every summer. A bit of colour with some silk flowers and driftwood fill out the planter. ~

The vintage basket came from my Auntie Kay and always held dollies that my girls played with when they visited her.  The crock and folding camp chair are auction finds.  A $3.99 thrift store mirror hangs happily above the plant stand.  I gave this mirror a paint treatment to give it an aged look last year.  To see how it's done click here.

The farm egg sign I painted last year has moved back outside and sits on an old, wooden cheese box my neighbour gave me when he moved away.  ~

The best part of setting the porch up for summer was having help from a cherished friend.  We've been through a lot together over the last decade and nothing is dearer than a friend who has seen you at your best and  worst and stays true blue! ~

So here we will sit, sip lemonade or wine and watch the world go by! ~

Come on summer, I'm ready for you!

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