Friday, 3 May 2013

A Country Kind Of Day

I was feeling a little more country than rock and roll today, as I was tilling the garden and planting peas.

What could be more country than some blueberry pocket pies cooling on the windowsill? ~

I wonder how many pies have sat on that sill in the 200 years this house has been here.  This is the original farmhouse for the entire county.  Those early cooks will have baked theirs in the hearth.  Did they wrap the pies in cloth to be eaten at break time? After pulling stumps and urging the horse to pull the plow through the soil, it must have been wonderful to rest a bit and pull that pie out a pocket for a pick me up.

Eventually our cooks would have looked out on the little Anglican church, built by the men in the growing community.

My method won't be much different from our early bakers.  The pastry is made from scratch and the blueberries came from a local, organic farm.  A little extra flour added to the berries makes the filling less runny and easier to take to the fields.  A sprinkle of sugar on top would certainly have been a luxury 200 years ago.

I needed a break from my own pioneer style work today.  I've been busy breaking up and hauling away a huge old stump.  It has finally rotted enough for me to start the next phase of the back yard reno.  I've scoured the property for rocks to begin terracing the hill beside the patio.  ~

I wouldn't mind having that good, old horse to help me with my work, right about now!