Monday, 13 May 2013

He's A Good Old Cat!

City Girl brought her husband and Baby with her for our Mother's Day visit this weekend.

Baby's eyes lit up when she saw old Utah taking his afternoon catnap. ~

Utah belonged to my daughter, City Girl, until she became engaged to marry someone allergic to pet hair. So, the old cat moved to the country where he has happily resided for the past six years.  We know he is over 20 yrs. old and he pretty much gets to do whatever he wants in his golden years.

One of the nicest things about this old boy is his patience with children.  Baby is fascinated with animals and City Girl doesn't want her to be nervous around them just because they can't have any in their home.

Utah lets Baby explore his tail. ~

They have a little talk to get to know each other better. ~

A little pat on the head after a talk about treating old cats gently. ~

Look each other over very carefully. ~

Mommy says he likes a tummy rub.  Very gingerly give it a try. ~

We're cool! ~

I love your kitty Mommy! ~

Next stop was the chicken coop where those cute, silver party shoes got covered in poop.  Should have stuck to the cat!