Saturday 1 December 2012

Five Minute Christmas Craft

I'm not sure you can even call this a craft.  It's more of a copy.  Or, a "Watch me Google and print stuff out." kind of thing.

I'm not totally lazy (yes I am!) but the decorated front porch I planned on showing you today is not quite finished.

I figured that as simple as this is, you might not have thought of doing it.  You see, I'm a sucker for Christmas movies.  I watch them over and over again.  I'll even watch the sappiest, made for TV in the 70's movie, if it has a Christmas theme!

My favourites are the old black and whites from the 1930's and 40's.  The only real Scrooge to me is Alistair Sims.~

It's got to be this version of Miracle On 34th Street! ~

And, I don't think anyone has dared to try to top Jimmy Stewart in A Wonderful Life. ~

I hunted up the movie stills of my favourite scenes, you know, the ones where everyone feels the true meaning of Christmas and is happy.  Scrooge's niece in law accepts his beautiful apology and dances with him; probably the first time he's danced since old Fezziwig's company party.  A little girl realizes there is something more to Santa than a nice man in a red suit.  And George Bailey?  Why, he finds out his life has a great deal of meaning and reminds us of how important we all are in the grand scheme of things.

So, to keep these images with me all season long, I printed them out and put them in dollar store frames. ~

I brushed some glue on the edges of the glass and added glitter, so it looked like I was looking in through a snowy window on all the cheer inside. ~

They are hanging in the kitchen, over the breakfast bar pass through to the dining room, and the sheer joy of the scenes can keep me company as I prepare for my own festivities. ~

May we all have a day where we know how important we are, care for our fellow man and remember to BELIEVE!

You still have two days to enter the draw for a set of these hand knit Christmas trees!

Just click here to go to 2 Be Cherished Etsy shop, choose your colour and leave me a comment to know which ones you want.  It's open to everyone and I'll draw the winner on Monday.


  1. I love the old movies, too! You can't beat the black and white Christmas movies. Cute idea!

  2. Adorably cute! I have to watch these movies too whenever they are on TV!

  3. What a great idea. They look magical there. I bet you smile every time you pass by them. It's a Wonderful Life is an all-time favorite of mine.

  4. Oh they look lovely, I'm a sucker for Christmas movies, I still like to watch the animated movies. Now the older lot groan I get to do it with the two newbies :) I actually watched the animated version of A Christmas Carol last night with Jim Carey voicing scrooge it was good. They stuck to the story really well. My Jack, who has a random fact for everything, told me that dickens toyed with the names small Sam and Puny Pete before deciding on Tiny Tim

  5. Maureen...lazy or not...this project is awesome! It does look like you're looking in a window!! You know I love an easy project. for sappy Christmas movies...I'm all in! I will watch pretty much all of them! For some reason, I love the sappiest one of them all, "Prancer". Still makes me want to cry!!

  6. Those are some of my favorite movies too and I also agree without Alistair's just not Christmas! Great project!

  7. That's a nice decorating idea for Christmas.

  8. What a nice idea, I love all the movies and its so simple.

  9. You are so right! I love the movie but had not thought about doing such a simple thing as printing shots out and framing them. What a great idea!

  10. Brilliant idea, and I'm with you 100% about the original movies. There are some things that just cannot be improved upon, and those three movies with the originl cast members are a fine example. (PS It's a Wonderful Life was on tv last night for the first time this season. It still makes me cry, perhaps because there is so much truth to it.)

  11. Doesn't matter to me either what you call it or if you google and copy, I love it!


  12. I love all those movies, too. We were supposed to have a It's A Wonderful Life movie night here last night but I got outvoted and we had a Christmas Story night instead. I am going to have MY OWN It's A Wonderful Life movie night for just the 3 of us- me, myself and I. LOVE what you did with those prints- xo Diana

  13. Maureen, I love this project, and no, I have never had even a glimmer of an idea of doing this. Inspired! I love the old movies, too. Especially Miracle on 34th Street. Hugs!

  14. This is a wonderfully great idea, Maureen. My husband would really like this because those old movies are his favorites. Especially It's a Wonderful Life that we watch each year.
    Mary Alice

  15. Very cute idea Maureen. I love old Christmas movies too. Miracle on 34th street is my favorite. I like the addition of the glitter.

  16. I love old black and white movies too Maureen. I watched a newer version of Miracle on 34th Street recently and it wasn't a patch on the older version you've framed.
    I like the little touch with the glitter too !