Tuesday, 4 December 2012

We Have A Winner!

My big sis and I headed off to the farm yesterday. Farm Girl, had a notion we could recover her settee in an afternoon.  That none of us had ever upholstered anything didn't seem to phase her at all.  It's nice to have your daughter have confidence in you, but really?

With only a few hours to attempt the impossible, the kids had to be kept busy after the school bus inconveniently brought them home.

I grew up as one of six kids and I know children are to be treated as servants.  I set them to icing some cupcakes.  Our resident Lady Gaga was doing a great job!  I don't think you've met her yet.  This girl LOVES to dance, sing and wiggle her butt and she's none too particular about wearing clothes either! ~

Her big sis is carefully spreading icing in her usual meticulous way.  She's our very own National Velvet and doesn't she look like an angel? ~

You all know that Amish girl is competence itself and is the best six year old kitchen helper you'll ever find. ~

Aren't these the best behaved grandchildren in the world?

Wait a minute, Farm Girl is telling off Lady Gaga for this. ~

That look in her eye says she isn't a bit sorry, either.  Now, we have to eat kid spit!

It's time for Amish Girl to pull a name for the draw for the Christmas trees from 2 Be Cherished @ Etsy.  She doesn't want to do it.  Why should she pull a name for someone else to get a present if she isn't getting one?

So, Grandma says, "Listen, little Miss Pouty Face, I told them you would draw the name so stick you hand in that bowl right now and draw one!"  I'm the sweetest Grandma ever.

Great Auntie Lynn (the who has the Etsy shop that sells the trees) says, "I'll make you a set, honey."

Now we have smiles and a winner! ~

Can you read the name?  Of course you can't because Grandma is trying to keep a zillion kids under control and photography is the last thing on my mind!

Having chosen this set of three black, hand knit, Christmas trees, ~

The winner is Danni Baird of Silo Hill Farm, one of the hostesses of ~

Congratulations Danni!

There's an Elf On The Shelf that is going to have something to say about how many of these stockings get filled! ~

Lady Gaga's not worried as she tells me she's already seen a video where Santa tells her she's on the NICE list.  That elf must have missed her cheeky grin!